Striker Tribune: A Season for Striking (Part 1)



ba_season.pngHey, Strikers!

Welcome to the season for striking. Ready to pay a visit to the Striker’s Rest from 12/6? We’ve got all the information you’ll need here.




A Season for Striking



* Nicholas will awaken to his 6★ ascension as the event proceeds


Event Period (ET)

12/6 12AM – 12/29 11:59PM


How to Get Nicholas

4★ Nicholas


5★ Grand Lancer Nicholas

ep1806.pngComplete Mission Log Entries
-    Tweet/Share: A Season for Striking, Part 1 (Available from 12/6 12AM – 12/15 11:59PM)
-    Tweet/Share: A Season for Striking, Part 2 (Available from 12/16 12AM – 12/25 11:59PM)

Pull the Dream Sharl Hatcher
-    Play “The Striker’s Rest” to get Dream Sharls, then use the sharls at the Dream Hatcher


How to Get Dream Sharls

- Destroy Smydras wearing Santa hats at "The Striker's Rest"

en1789.png en1790.png en1791.png

- Obtain a Local Co-op reward for 1 Dream Sharl
- Complete seasonally-themed weekly missions
- Receive from login bonuses


The Striker’s Rest

ba_stage22222.png-    A new stage will be unlocked daily from 12/6 to 12/25 at 12AM (ET). The stages will get more difficult as you advance through them.
-    To get to the next stage, the previous one needs to be cleared
-    The first-time clear of each stage will yield a reward. Instead of being sent to the gift box, the reward will be directly added to an account. The rewards start to get better the higher you go (Divine Sharl, Orbs, etc.)
-    Each stage will vary—building teams tailored to each one is important
-    If a stage is too difficult, try asking a friend for help, or play daily catalyst/expie quests to increase the strength of monsters.
-    Some tips for the stages can be found on FB as they’re released. Check out Monster Strike’s Facebook here


Dream Hatcher

ba_dream06.pngPeriod (ET)
12/6 12AM – 12/30 11:59PM

Obtainable Monsters

4★ Nicholas 6★ Resurgent Queen Butterflight 6★ Deathscoil Redux 6★ Santa Claus 5★ Lilith
5★ Grey Alien 5★ Poltergeist 5★ Marie Antoinette 5★ Yeti 5★ Mordred
5★ Astaroth 5★ Louis XIII 5★ Serket 5★ Medusa 5★ Vendetta
4★ Belial 4★ Nessi 4★ Jackalope 4★ Legion 4★ Attila
4★ Skyfish 4★ Gluttony 4★ Dr. Ginger 4★ Samael 4★ Duke of Buckingham
4★ Milady de Winter 4★ Colonel Potato 4★ Hathor 4★ Amun 4★ Set
4★ Androshark 4★ Golem 4★ Lazanicoff 4★ Murdigris 4★ Crabotron
4★ Freekfrogg 4★ Dr. Sorge 4★ Mars 4★ Nue 4★ Mephisto


Seasonal Weekly Missions

Weekly Missions will be changed to seasonally-themed ones during the below weeks:
12/6 4AM – 12/13 3:59AM
12/13 4AM – 12/20 3:59AM
12/20 4AM – 12/27 3:59AM

Rewards will be changed to Dream Sharls. The reward for completing all of the missions will still be 1 Orb.


Other Campaigns

Login Bonuses
-    1 Dream Sharl daily from 12/6 – 12/9, 12/11 - 12/14
-    5 Dreams Sharls on 12/10 and 12/15
YouTube Mission
-    Watch the YouTube videos for “A Season for Striking” to get rewards

Look forward to the second half of "A Season for Striking", too!

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