Striker Tribune: A Season for Striking (Part 2)



xmas_kouhan02.pngHey, Strikers!

The Spirit of Striking continues. Nicholas will awaken to his ascension, and a new limited-time Extreme quest arrives. Defeat 5★ Present Thief Ogron!

Link to First Half:
A Season for Striking (Part 1)


Striker News



Ascension for Nicholas

kamika_christmas01 (1).pngNicholas awakens to his ascension!xmas_kamika.png

For information on how to get 4★ Nicholas, head to the explanation of the first half.


New Limited-Time Extreme


-    “The Lord of Presents” is a limited-time Extreme quest available only during the holiday season. Beat it for a chance at 5★ Present Thief Ogron
-    5★ Present Thief Ogron is one of Nicholas’ ascension materials
-    5★ Present Thief Ogron can be evolved, but cannot be ascended
-    Playing Local Co-op will yield a 5★ Present Thief Ogron as the Local Co-op bonus on Extreme. Beating the quest on Extreme without continuing also guarantees a drop
-    Dream Sharls do not drop from this quest. Play "The Striker's Rest" instead!

Period (ET)
12/16 – 12/29
The quest will appear for four hours a day. Check the event schedule for times.

Monster Strike Plays Video


Second Half: The Striker’s Rest

ba_stage22222.pngThe difficulties going to ramp up! If you need help, try playing with friends and/or family. PLUS! 11F - 15F will drop either Dream Sharls or Present Deluxpies from Clear Bonuses. Gather around the fireplace and play with your friends! If you're super lucky, you might get something Divine from Clear Bonuses on 16F - 20F.

Floor First-Time Clear Bonus
11F Mormite King
12F 5★ Princess Takiyasha
13F 5★ Poltergeist
14F 5★ Panzer
15F Divine Sharl
16F 99 Dream Sharls
17F 99 Dream Sharls
18F 99 Dream Sharls
19F 10 Orbs
20F 20 Orbs

-    Team composition will become more important as you head up The Striker’s Rest
-    A maximum of 8 Dream Sharls can drop while proceeding through a quest. Thus, defeating a santa hat smydra will not always guarantee a drop
-    For some tips on the stages as they’re released, head to our Facebook page

Other Campaigns

Login Rewards
1 Orb: 12/16 – 12/19, 12/21 – 12/24
1 Orb and 5 Dream Sharls: 12/20, 12/25

YouTube Mission Entry
1 Orb: Watch VS Ogron
1 Orb and 1 Dream Sharl: Watch Striker’s Rest Part 2

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