St. Patrick's - Let's PARTY (3/17 - 3/20)



Hey, Strikers!

Here's a deluge of green over a four-day period!

1.    Emerald Encounter Hatcher

Wood element monsters are featured in this hatcher!

For more details, tap here!


2.    Double-Up Extremes

Two types of Extreme dungeons will run at the same time! Get ascension materials for the featured characters in the Emerald Encounter hatcher, or challenge another simultaneous Extreme quest! Check out the event schedule for more details!

3.    Top Hat Maxpie

Log in from 3/17 to 3/20 (ET) and get a Top Hat Maxpie daily! The more green the merrier (plus, there’s nothing more fashionable than top hats.) Plus, we currently have a Facebook campaign as well!

When fused, Top Hat Maxpies give 1,000,000 experience! For wood monsters, they yield a whopping 1,500,000 experience!

ep1250.pngHappy Hunting!

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