Striker Tribune: Star-crossed Lovers




Hey, Strikers!

Ancient Smydra’s gone into hibernation, but we’ve got plenty of events yet! In celebration of passing 900K downloads, we’ve got a special event starting from 9/11 (ET).




Star-crossed Lovers

The starry sky is beautiful... but what if the sea of stars separated you from a loved one? Orihime and Hikoboshi are separated by the Amanogawa. Reunite them, so that they may meet again.tanabata_02.png


Event Goal

Get 5★ Hikoboshi and collect his ascension materials, 5★ Orihime and 5★ Amanogawa. Ascend to create the 6★ monster United, Orihime and Hikoboshi!ba_tana_kamika (1).png

6★ United, Orihime and Hikoboshi



Azure Dream Hatcher

Collect Azure Dream Sharls by clearing the “A Festival of Stars Collide!?” quest. Turn in the sharls at the Azure Dream Hatcher — 5★ Orihime and other 5★ Extreme quest monsters may drop.ba_tanabata_gacha.png

5★ Orihime

ep1268.png-    5★ Orihime’s luck limit is 90 (75 luck + 15 bonus luck.)
-    She does not have an evolved or ascended form.

Period (ET)
9/11 12AM – 9/19 11:59PM


Possible Drops from the Azure Dream Hatcher

5★ Monsters

Orihime Dark Wyrm Fire Wyrm Bastet
Yeti Gigamantis Kabushido Dong Zhuo
Serket Sylvasaur Inari Emerald Dragon

4★ Monsters

Nessie Vesputin Ceremonial Tiger
Dancing Mask Mars Nue
Murdigris Dryad Thunderbird
Hathor Jormungandr Kamadeva
Kondo Isami Kasha Donatello
Duke of Buckingham Freekfrogg Dr. Sorge

Azure Dream Sharls can also be obtained through daily login bonuses celebrating 900K downloads. One Azure Dream Sharl equals one pull.


Event Quest: A Festival of Stars Collide!?

Clear this quest to obtain 5★ Amanogawa and Azure Dream Sharls. There are two difficulties: Normal and Hard.tanabata_stage.pngAzure Dream Sharls and 5★ Amanogawa can drop from Clear and Luck Bonuses. Azure Dream Sharls and 5★ Amanogawa are not a 100% guaranteed drop. Play with friends and other luck-holding Strikers for more drops!

5★ Amanogawa

ep1270.png-    5★ Amanogawa’s luck limit is 90 (75 luck + 15 bonus luck.)
-    It does not have an evolved or ascended form.


How to Get 5★ Hikoboshi

There are two methods to get 5★ Hikoboshi, who you’ll need to ascend into the 6★ United, Orihime and Hikoboshi.

5★ Hikoboshi


a.    Mission Log: Clear “A Festival of Stars Collide!?” on Hard
Clear the “A Festival of Stars Collide!?” quest on Hard as a host/solo and claim him as a reward from the completed entry.

Period (ET)
9/11 12AM – 9/19 11:59PM

b.    FB Star-crossed Lovers Campaign
Reach a certain number of shares on the FB campaign to get 5★ Hikoboshi.


Ascension Materials for Hikoboshi

1-Luck 5★ Orihime
10-Luck 5★ Amanogawa


900K Downloads Login Bonuses

Login daily during the period below and get 1 Azure Dream Sharl and 1 Orb per day!

Period (ET)
9/11 5AM – 9/19 4:59AM (ET)


Divine Showtime

Divine Sharl drop rates will be boosted five times on Daily Catalyst quests on 9/15 (ET).fivexdroprate.png


Mega Fuse-a-thon

Mega Fusions will occur wayyyyyy more often!ba_mega_fuse-a-thon.pngPeriod (ET)

Happy Hunting!

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