Striker Tribune: A Season for Striking 2016





A Season for Striking is here! Climb up the Striker's Rest and collect Dream Sharls. Use Dream Sharls to pull the Dream Hatcher and get a variety of monsters. And if you missed the event during the holidays last year, here's another chance to get 4★ Nicholas!

Event Period (ET)

12/19 - 12/31  11:59 PM
Use Dream Sharls to Pull 4★ Nicholas from the Dream Hatcher! Collect Ascension materials during the event period and ascend him into 6★ Nicholas the Sylvan Hunter! And if you're really feeling up for a challenge, collect enough Dream Sharls to max his luck!

Getting Ascension Materials

-6★ Santa Claus is available in the Dream Hatcher
-Striker's Rest 11F - 15F will drop either Dream Sharls or Present Deluxpies from Clear Bonuses
-5★ Present Thief Ogron can be found in "The Lord of Presents”, a limited-time Extreme quest available only during the holiday season


Getting Dream Sharls

-Destroy Smydras wearing Santa hats at "The Striker's Rest"
-Destroy Smydras in three turns or they'll run away
-Obtain via the Local Co-op bonus in "The Striker's Rest"
-Receive from login bonuses


The Striker's Rest

Event Period (ET)

12/19 - 12/31 11:59 PM
-Climb up the tower and strive for the top, but keep in mind the higher you go the harder the quest gets
-To get to the next stage, the previous stage must be cleared
-The first-time clear of each stage will yield a reward. Instead of being sent to the gift box, the reward will be directly added to an account. The rewards start to get better the higher you go (Dragon Gems, Orbs, etc.)
-If the stage is giving you a tough time, get your friends to help. However, keep in mind, for you to clear the stage and move to the next floor you have to be the host
-Team composition will become more important as you head up The Striker’s Rest
-A maximum of 8 Dream Sharls can drop while proceeding through a quest. Thus, defeating a Santa hat Smydra will not always guarantee a drop
-Check out stage rewards!
Floor  Rewards
11F Dark Dragon Gem x 1
12F Green Dragon Gem x 1
13F Blue Dragon Gem x 1
14F Red Dragon Gem x 1
15F Light Dragon Gem x 1
16F Dream Sharl x 99
17F Dream Sharl x 99
18F Dream Sharl x 99
19F Dream Sharl x 99
20F Orb x 30


Dream Hatcher


Period (ET) 

12/19 - 1/1 11:59 PM

Obtainable Monsters

Nicholas Santa Claus Resurgent Queen Butterflight Deathscoil Redux Dong Zhuo Vanilla the Witch Drillmax Yeti Kabushido Space Whale Geppetto Bastet
Bull Demon King Princess Takiyasha Emerald Dragon Zashiki Warashi Minamoto no Yoritomo Princess Nokko Marshal Titanium Marida of the Lamp Fenrir I-400 Ghoulie
Sylvasaur Issun Jiraiya Medusa Tokugawa Yoshinobu Siren Tengu Gigamantis Poltergeist Joker Kraken
Sanma ZENIGATA Panzer Nurarihyon Marie Antoinette Taira no Kiyomori First Empress Astaroth Momotaro Zuma Queen of Hearts
Vendetta Fire Wyrm Wyatt Earp Surtr Gargoyle Hijikata Toshizo Corporal Nickel Mandrake Hanged Man Duke of Buckingham Taira no Atsumori
Mummy Mimic Ace of Spades Moonrabbit XV Cockatrice Madame Zenny Golden Horn Preta Ceremonial Tiger Ivan the Terrible Rycemaker
Lazanicoff Spriggan King of Diamonds King Daunkie  Doman Colonel Potato Jackalope Attila Dr. Ginger Cloverjack Fallen Samurai
Kennel Kop Igagurinosuke Lieutenant Bismuth Ugly Duckling Doug Goldman Lantern Angler Nessie Wrathantula Gluttony Kappa Jormungandr
Humphrey Old Mamma Donatello Crabotron Emperor Caracalla Beetlestag Arachne Kasha Kiso Yoshinaka Ursacles Pizarro


Limited Time Extreme Monster

-“The Lord of Presents” is a limited-time Extreme quest available only during the holiday season. Beat it for a chance at 5★ Present Thief Ogron
-5★ Present Thief Ogron is one of Nicholas’ ascension materials
-5★ Present Thief Ogron can be evolved, but cannot be ascended
-Playing Local Co-op will yield a 5★ Present Thief Ogron as the Local Co-op bonus on Extreme. Beating the quest on Extreme without continuing also guarantees a drop
-Dream Sharls do not drop from this quest. Play "The Striker's Rest" instead!

Other Campaigns

Login Bonuses

-1 Dream Sharl daily from 12/19 4 AM- 1/1 3:59AM (ET)
-Christmas Day Log in bonus of 50 Dream Sharls

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