Striker Tribune - Queen of Clovers (5/1 - 5/14)




Hey, Strikers!

Queen Butterflight’s not quite done yet. She’ll be making quite a few appearances again. If you don’t have a max luck monster yet, this opportunity is too good to pass up! There will also be new Event quests this week. Invite your friends and give them a try!

1.    Queen of Clovers: Queen Butterflight Appears Often
From 5/1 to 5/14 (ET) the Beautiful, Baleful Butterfly quest will appear more often. Challenge and defeat the quest without continuing on Extreme difficulty to get a guaranteed drop. Max her luck and watch as the Luck Bonuses pile up!

Butterflight.png2.    New Event Quest: S Awakens
Old bosses return, better than ever! The S versions of Thunderbird, Saito Hajime, and Kaguya appear in this quest. Beat the quest without continues to unlock and extra stage! For more details head here.


3.    New Event Series
A new event series will start from May 4th (ET)!

4.    Orbs, Mats, and Morlings
Login daily from 5/1 to 5/14 (ET) to get a variety of evolution materials and Morlings. You’ll also get an Orb every other day! Remember to login between 5AM – 4:59AM (ET).

5/1 Mormite S x3, Light Sharl x2
5/2 Orb x1, Dark Sharl x2
5/3 Morlyfe S x3, Fire Sharl x2
5/4 Orb x1, Water Sharl x2
5/5 Morquik S x3, Wood Sharl x2
5/6 Orb x1, Light Sharl x2
5/7 Mormite S x3, Dark Sharl x2
5/8 Orb x1, Fire Sharl x2
5/9 Morlyfe S x3, Water Sharl x2
5/10 Orb x1, Wood Sharl x2
5/11 Morquik S x3, Light Sharl x2
5/12 Orb x1, Dark Sharl x2
5/13 Mormite S x3, Fire Sharl x2
5/14 Orb x1, Water Sharl x2

5.    Luck Bonanza
Take advantage of bonus luck on certain stages and get more drops! You’ll get +50 luck to your main monster — if this takes you to max luck, you’ll get 2 luck bonuses after clearing a quest!

bonusluck.pngPeriod (ET)
5/8, 5/14

Event Quests:
Daily Expie Quests

6.    MORE-ling Siege
The Morlings are back and ready for their second assault on the sturdy walls of Castle MS! Play with friends and you’ll get a bunch of X type Morlings from damage chests! Take them out and swipe away!

Tip: Raise the maximum stats of your monsters by fusing Morlings into them. Find our guide to Morlings right here.

ba_campaign_morling.pngPeriod (ET)
5/8 5AM – 5/10 11:59PM

Castle Redsrath
Castle Greenseule
Castle Bluebrume
Castle Whitestinge
Castle Blackhope

To implement and disable MORE-ling Siege, we’ll have two short maintenances. One from May 8th 4:30AM to 5AM, and one from May 11th 12AM to 12:30 AM (ET).

7.    Mega Fuse-a-thon
The Mega Fuse-a-thon’s back! Take advantage of the boost to Mega Fusion rates and max out your monsters. A Mega Fusion doubles the effects of a fusion!

ba_mega_fuse-a-thon.pngPeriod (ET)
5/3 – 5/4, 5/7

8.    New Badge of Honor Monsters
We’ll be adding Badge of Honor slots to certain monsters. Stay tuned for an announcement later!

9.    STAMarathon
Hoard items and experience points by playing half-stamina quests. Rank up and boost your maximum stamina — various rewards also line your road to Rank 50. More details can be found here.


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