Striker Tribune (1/19 - 1/25)



ba_strikertribune_small.pngHey, Strikers!

Ready to deal with warps? A special quest featuring plentiful warps makes an appearance. An ability-oriented Null Warp hatcher will also be available during this time. Don’t forget to check out the doubled drop rate on Gold Ableberries for Temple Time Trial quests as well!




Local Co-op Quest: Out with the Louts!

ba_stage12230.pngDuring the time period below, 5★ Tokugawa Yoshimune can be challenged in the “Out with the Louts!” quest. This time the quest will only be available as a Local Co-op quest, but she’ll be back again in the future as a normal Event quest. Bring Null Warp monsters to counter the plentiful warps in the quest!

Cooperate with friends and get 5★ Tokugawa Yoshimune! On Extreme, she’s guaranteed to drop as a Local Co-op bonus.

Period (ET)
1/19 – 1/22


Gold Ableberry Drop Rate x 2 on Temple Time Trial Quests

wakuwaku1.pngDuring the time period below, powerful Gold Ableberries will have their drop rates doubled on Temple Time Trial quests. Rates will be doubled on the random boss phase, direct boss drop, No-continue bonus, and Time bonus.

Period (ET)
1/22 – 1/25

1/22: Firstlight Time Trial, Evernight Time Trial
1/23: Netherfire Time Trial, Wellspring Time Trial
1/24: Hexfolia Time Trial, Firstlight Time Trial
1/25: Evernight Time Trial


Return of the Immortals

ba_gacha000.pngAn oldie but goodie, the Immortals series is making a comeback for a limited time! Collect monsters you may have missed out on last time, or aim to nab the whole group at once.

Featured Monsters in Series
5★ Margarite
5★ Tini
5★ Smopol
4★ Shadowgaff
4★ Quiri

Period (ET)
1/23 12AM - 1/25 11:59PM

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