Striker Tribune: The Azure Guardian (1/26 - 1/31)



ba_strikertribune_small.pngHey, Strikers!

A new Impossible quest is on the way. Only the bravest have the will to challenge Bishamonten. All times below are in Eastern Time.




Impossible Quest: Beyond the Boundless Blue

ba_stage12540.pngThis new Impossible quest like others does not allow continues. Also, like Tsukuyomi’s quest, hearts will not appear. To heal, Strikers will have to take advantage of the Healing Walls that appear in the stage. Clearing the quest through Local Co-op guarantees a 5★ Bishamonten drop.

For more info on the quest, head here.

6★ Sapphire Guardian Bishamonten



Beyond the Boundless Blue Appearance Times

Local Co-op Only (Limited Entries: 2)
1/26 12AM – 11:59PM

Normal Times
1/27 7PM – 8:59PM
1/28 10PM – 11:59PM
1/29 7PM – 8:59PM
1/30 10PM – 11:59PM
1/31 7PM – 8:59PM


Daily Login Orbs (1/26 – 1/31)

Get 1 Orb daily from 1/26 4AM – 1/31 3:59AM. Good luck on the new Impossible quest!


Gigamantis, Bishamonten’s Bane

ba_stage11880.pngThe praying mantis is an awesome addition to a team taking on Bishamonten! Especially if the Gigamantis in question is max-lucked… Pick up your very own Gigamantis now!

6★ Emperor Gigamantis



Gigamantis Appearance Times

1/26 10PM – 11:59PM (Half Stamina)
1/27 7PM – 8:59PM (Half Stamina)
1/28 7PM – 8:59PM (Half Stamina)
1/29 10PM – 11:59PM
1/30 7PM – 8:59PM
1/31 10AM – 10:59AM
1/31 2PM – 2:59PM


Half Stamina: Daily Expie Quests (1/26 – 1/31)

Need to strengthen some monsters to take on harder quests? Take advantage of Half Stamina Expie quests (SOS! Expie Encounter not included) to pick up a bundle of the EXP-raising turtles. Remember to play with friends and bring high luck monsters to have a chance at more drops!


Double Experience on Certain Normal Quests (1/26 – 1/31)

Challenging Impossible quests requires 60 stamina. Raise maximum stamina by getting experience and ranking up! The Normal quests below will yield double experience:

Quests: Castle Redsrath, Castle Greenseule, Castle Bluebrume, Castle Whitestinge, Castle Blackhope

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