Striker Tribune: 1st Anniversary (Part 3)



ba_strikertribune.pngHey, Strikers!

The 1st Anniversary festivities are coming to an end. Take this opportunity to power up the monsters you’ve collected from Part 1 and 2. Then, challenge some of the upcoming Extreme event quests!





To Affinity and Beyond Returns

Deepen the bonds between friends and family. Login during the campaign and get 1 To Affinity and Beyond Voucher (Co-op Only) daily. Plus, during the campaign period, you’ll get 2 Orbs every time an Affinity Bar is filled!

Voucher Period
11/26 4AM – 12/1 3:59AM

To Affinity and Beyond Campaign Period
11/26 12AM – 11/30 11:30PM

*Quests need to be finished during the campaign period to benefit from Affinity Bonus changes.

For more information on Affinity, head here.


Half Stamina On Certain Extremes

Beat the below quests on Extreme difficulty and aim for No Continue and Local Co-op Bonuses (100% drop rate).

Half Stamina Extreme Quests:

Fenrir: 11/21 12PM – 12:59PM, 11/21 4PM – 4:59PM


Princess Takiyasha: 11/23 10PM – 11:59PM


Ghoulie: 11/24 10PM – 11:59PM


Rakshasa: 11/25 10PM – 11:59PM



Login Bonuses

Login during the period and get 1 Orb and 1 Anniversary Deluxpie daily. On 11/25, an extra Ticket to Divines Voucher will also be handed out as a login bonus!

11/21 4AM – 11/26 3:59AM


Hypermax Campaign

Collect Morlings and fuse them into your favorite monsters. Hypermaxing is an integral part to taking the step up to Savage/Extreme quests. Bring monsters with high luck as your main monster and farm away!

Half Stamina
Hyperboost Materials

11/24 – 11/26

Gold Hatcher
11/27 – 11/28


Local Co-op Weekend Impossible Quests

Meet up with your friends and challenge local co-op, limited entry Impossible quests on the weekend! Each player can host the quest up to two times. Are you up to the challenge?

Izanagi: 11/21
Tsukuyomi: 11/22
Izanami: 11/28
Kushinada: 11/29


Other Campaigns

We’ve got some other fun stuff planned during this period. Keep an eye out for any updates!

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