Striker Tribune (2/16 - 2/28)



Hey, Strikers! We’ve got another two weeks of fun-filled events ready.

1.    Bonus Luck Campaign


From 2/16 to 2/17 (EST), bonus luck will be attached to certain quests. You’ll get +50 bonus luck temporarily added to your monster after completing a quest: if that bumps you past 99 luck, you’ll get two treasure chests on the Results screen!

Play with three other players with max luck, and you could end up with eight treasure chests just from bonus luck drops!

Bonus luck on the following quests(EST):
EXP Shellmageddon (Dark)
EXP Shell-a-thon (Dark)
EXP Shell-a-thon (Light)
EXP Shell-a-thon (Fire)
EXP Shell-a-thon (Water)
EXP Shell-a-thon (Wood)

EXP Shell-a-thon (Dark)
EXP Shell-a-thon (Light)
EXP Shell-a-thon (Fire)
EXP Shell-a-thon (Water)
EXP Shell-a-thon (Wood)

2.    Divine Sharl Times Five Drop Rate

From 2/18 to 2/19 (EST), Divine Sharl drop rates will be boosted five times on the daily Catalyst quests!

Play with other Strikers to raise the number of treasure chests you get: the more luck your friends have, the higher the chance of a drop! Gather up some friends and go on a Divine Sharl party!

3.    Striker’s Week

Get an Orb daily from 2/20 to 2/27 (EST)! Make sure to log in and check your Gifts!

4.    Half Stamina Campaign


From 2/23 to 2/28 (EST), some quests will cost half the stamina! It’s the perfect time to rank up and raise your maximum stamina! Plus, you’ll pick up tons of Morlings on the way. And if you haven’t hit Rank 50 yet, get Orbs through the Mission Log by ranking up!

Half stamina applies to the quests below:

Enter the Fray
Trial by Fire
Strikers Unite!
Trial by Wood
Trial by Water
Striker Gauntlet
Trial by Darkness
Trial by Light
Pandora's Box
Off the Beaten Path
Mt. Hotfoot
Fast on the Strike
Tread Lightly! Water Fallout
Tread Lightly! Green Flurry
Tread Lightly! Fire Frenzy
Tread Lightly! Dark Fringe
Tread Lightly! Thunder Flare

5.    Mega Fuse-a-thon


Ready to fuse again? From 2/20 to 2/21 (EST), Mega Fusion rates will be boosted! Raise your monsters' levels or hypermax their stats with Morlings!

Happy Hunting, Strikers!

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