Striker Tribune (2/1 - 2/3)



ba_strikertribune_small.pngHey, Strikers!

The month starts out with the three-day Legends Series! Don’t forget to play Temple quests after reaching rank 50 to get Ableberries for your monsters.

All times are in Eastern Time.




Divine Showtime (2/1)

fivexdroprate.pngDrop rates on Divine Sharls will be increased 5 times. Play the Evolution Materials quest to get them!


Half Stamina – Temple of Heroes (2/1 – 2/3)

wakuwaku1.pngAll Temple quests will be half stamina during this period. Chow down on some Ableberries!


New Ascensions Unlocked (2/4)

Ascensions will be unlocked for the following monsters from 2/4:
5★ Oda Nobunaga
5★ Oda Nobunaga X
5★ Apollo
5★ Apollo X

More details on the ascensions will be coming soon!

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