Striker Tribune (3/15 - 3/31)



Hey, Strikers!

The upcoming two weeks are perfect for leveling your monsters, with bonus luck events, half stamina, higher drop rate on Divine Sharls, and the return of the Mega Fuse-a-thon! Plus, you’ll get free Orbs, EXP Vouchers, and maybe even a special Expie too!

1.    Half Stamina
Certain quests will be half stamina during the time periods below! Play to get tons of items and expies to raise your monsters!

Period (ET)
3/15 – 3/19

Expie Quests:
EXP Shell-a-thons
EXP Shellmageddons

Normal Quests:
Off the Beaten Path
Mt. Hotfoot
Fast on the Strike
Tellurian Forest
The Grandglacier

2.    +50 Luck
Take advantage of bonus luck on certain stages and get more drops! You’ll get +50 luck to your main monster — if this takes you to max luck, you’ll get 2 treasure chests after clearing a quest!


Period (ET)
3/20 – 3/24

EXP Shell-a-thons
EXP Shellmageddons

3.    5 x Drop Rate on Divine Sharls
More Divine Sharls, more evolving! Don’t miss this chance to get them and evolve all your monsters! Get more Divine Sharls by playing multiplayer and receiving more rewards from luck bonuses! The more players with luck monsters the merrier!

Period (ET)
3/25 – 3/30

Catalysts of Light & Dark
Catalysts of Water
Catalysts of Wood
Sharls & Stoans: Red/Blue/Light
Sharls & Stoans: Green/Dark

4.    Mega Fuse-a-thon


Mega Fusions occur more frequently, doubling the effect of a fusion! The Mega Fuse-a-thons the perfect time to level or hyperboost monsters!

Period (ET)
3/21 – 3/22

5.    Login Bonuses

Orbs, Orbs, Orbs
Get 1 Orb daily by logging in from 3/15 to 3/23 (ET)!

Viva Vouchers
Get 2 EXP Vouchers daily by logging in from 3/24 – 3/31 (ET)!

Happy Hunting!

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