(Updated) Striker Tribune (3/1 - 3/15)



Hey, Strikers!

We’ve got a spectacular two weeks coming up! You’ll get a Half Stamina, a Morling campaign, tons of EXP vouchers, and... a new impossible quest featuring KUSHINADA!

1.    Half Stamina
Certain quests will be half stamina during the time periods below! Play to get tons of items and experience! Rank up to get these rewards.

First Period (EST)
3/1 – 3/3

Strikers Unite!
Striker Gauntlet
Pandora's Box
Fast on the Strike
Feasts for Beasts
The Dragonrun
Elemental Assault
The Great Mech Offensive
Fast on the Strike GP
Amagakure Showdown
A Bone of Contention
Hot Science Friction

Second Period (EST)
3/5 – 3/7

EXP Shell-a-thon (Wood)
EXP Shell-a-thon (Light)
EXP Shellmageddon (Fire)
EXP Shellmageddon (Water)
EXP Shellmageddon (Light)

Third Period (EST)
3/8 – 3/9

Sharls & Stoans: Green/Dark
Catalysts of Light & Dark

Fourth Period (ET)
3/11 – 3/14

3/11 Slippery Scaled Scoundrel
3/11 A Bone of Contention
3/12 The Eagle's Deathly Gale
3/12 Netherworld Death Waltz

2.    The Morlings are Coming!
Keep an eye out on the time period below for a special Morling event!

Morlings are assaulting the castles of Monster Strike! During this campaign, you’ll get more X-type Morlings from Clear and Damage bonuses! Fuse them into your favorite monsters! Plus, if you play multiplayer, you'll get better Morlings from Damage chests too! For more details about Morlings and their use, Look Here.

Period (EST)
3/7 – 3/9

Castle Redsrath
Castle Greenseule
Castle Bluebrume
Castle Whitestinge
Castle Blackhope

3.    Viva Vouchers
Get two EXP Vouchers per day by logging into the game daily from 3/1 to 3/11 (ET). You can get your Vouchers from your Gifts!



A new deity has come to Monster Strike, arraying with Izanami as the toughest nuts to crack! Do you have what it takes to take Kushinada down? Find more info about Kushinada right here.

Happy Hunting!

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