Striker Tribune (6/1 - 6/14)




Hey, Strikers!

The first half of June’s going to be filled with quests with Gravity Barriers — places where Ancient Smydra can shine. Play together with your friends and give these quests a go!

1.    New Mission Log Entries and Luck Bonanza
In need of monsters with Null Gravity Barrier? Fear no more! We’ll be putting out Mission Log entries that guarantee a drop, plus adding +50 luck to main monsters on certain quests!

missionlog1.pngTake advantage of bonus luck on certain quests and get more drops! If the +50 luck takes you to max luck, you’ll get 2 luck bonuses after clearing a quest!
6/1 A Clash with Mars / Mars
6/2 An Engagement with Pluto / Pluto
6/5 The Sunken World-Snake / Jormungandr
6/7 Hotter Than the Other Wheels / Kasha
6/10 Obsidian Sentinel / Golem
6/13 Furious Sea-King / Aqua Wyrm

-    Rewards from Mission Log entries need to be picked up by 6/14 11:59PM (ET).
-    To complete the Mission Log entries, clear the quests on the Hard difficulty.

2.    600K Downloads: New Quest, Magical Labyrinth
On 6/8 (ET), a new quest, Magical Labyrinth, will appear. It’s a fun quest marking 600K downloads! A Mission Log entry will also be added on 6/8 for the quest.

randomdungeon2.png3.    Limited Time Only — Gold Hatcher
Use your accumulated gold to pull the Gold Hatcher! Get Morlings and Expies to strengthen your monsters. 1 hatch is 100,000 Gold!

gold1.pngPossible Loot:
Morling S
Morling X
Seasonal Expies
Mormite King
Striker, Jr.

Period (ET)

6/1 - 6/7 (start time may vary)

4.    Mega Fuse-a-thon Returns!
The Mega Fuse-a-thon’s back! Take advantage of the boost to Mega Fusion rates and max out your monsters. A Mega Fusion doubles the effects of a fusion (excluding Luck)!
ba_mega_fuse-a-thon.pngPeriod (ET):
6/8, 6/14

5.    Login Gifts
Log in during the event period and get free loot!

6/1 5AM – 6/8 4:59AM (ET)
1 Orb and 1 Munnyback daily!

6/12 5AM – 6/14 4:59AM (ET)
1 Orb daily!

Happy Hunting!

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