Striker Tribune: August (8/1 - 8/10)



strikertribune.pngHey, Strikers!

Half stamina for you, half stamina for me, half stamina for... everybody! Play more of your favorite quests.


YouTube Version:

1)    STAMarathon (Half Stamina)
Half stamina means more plays, and more plays means more loot/fun.halfstamina.pngPeriod (ET)

8/1: A Game of Chance
8/2: Over the Rainbow
8/3: Northern Shadow

8/2: Clown Prince of Pumpkins
8/6: The Chosen Dark Conqueror
8/7: Amaranth Behemoth
8/10: Deathscoil Attacks

8/6: Thursday Daily
8/7: Thank Gold It’s Friday
8/8: Saturday Daily

8/9: Sunday Expies

2)    Murasame Returns
Murasame’s making an encore appearance. Take another stab at Vouchers for each Element. Play with your friends and aim for Light Murasame!ba_stage12000.pngMurasame Details

Appearance Times (ET)
8/1 10PM - 11:59PM
8/2: 7PM - 8:59PM
8/3: 10PM - 11:59PM

3)    Merry Musketeers Series
A new series is coming on 8/4 (ET), featuring Monster Strike’s take on a famous and beloved trio.

4)    Mega Fuse-a-thon
Don’t miss out on the Mega Fuse-athon. Remember to strengthen your monsters on this day, as the chance for Mega Fusions are greatly increased!ba_mega_fuse-a-thon.pngPeriod (ET)

We’re also planning some still-in-development content for the weekend of 8/8. Crossing our fingers that everything goes well and we’ll be able to get something out!

Happy Hunting!


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