Striker Tribune: Cthulhu Needs You!




Cthulhu’s packed his bags and is ready to set out on the journey of a lifetime. During the promo period, he’ll appear daily. He’ll be everywhere... and nowhere at the same time. Complete his quest and he’ll be willing to join your team!
-    Cthulhu will appear as an event quest. To play event quests, you’ll first need to complete the first set of trial quests, the “Hazard Center”.


Event Goal

Pay Cthulhu a visit and show him how powerful your team is. In the monster world, strength is all that matters. Beat him to add him as a helpful team member. Then, evolve him to make him even MORE powerful.



Event Period

4/11 4PM – 4/21 3:59PM (ET)
During the event period, Cthulhu’s quest can be played twice a day. And it’ll be available the entire day. Meet up with your friends and family to bring in the cavalry! Beating the quest through local co-op guarantees a voucher that will let you battle against even stronger bosses!

More information on the Mythos vouchers you can get from Cthulhu’s quest is available here: (/news/mythos_quest_flow_renewal.html)
-    Limited entries will be reset at 4PM daily.


Missions from Cthulhu

Cthulhu’s got three pleasant missions lined up. He’d do them himself, but he’s looking for that extra oomph, which is where you come in.

1.    Max Cthulhu's Level!
Max Cthulhu's level to get a Divine Sharl! Divine Sharls are used as materials when evolving monsters.

2.    Get a 2-Luck Cthulhu
Fuse a Cthulhu with another Cthulhu to raise luck! Raise a Cthulhu to 2-Luck and get another Cthulhu.

3.    Get a 5-Luck Cthulhu
Fuse a Cthulhu with another Cthulhu to raise luck! Raise a Cthulhu to 5-Luck and get another Cthulhu.

-    If you already have an in-progress 5★ Cthulhu or a Cthulhu that completes the luck missions, you’ll need to tease Cthulhu a bit (fuse or evolve) to flag the missions completed. If you're having trouble completing "Max Cthulhu's Level", try grabbing a new 5★ Cthulhu and maxing its level.


Login Bonuses

4/11 4AM – 4/21 3:59AM
Cthulhu’s spitting out an orb daily just for showing up. Use orbs to get more monster friends from the hatcher for Cthulhu to play with!

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