Striker Tribune: July (7/1-7/5)




Hey, Strikers!

We’ve reached 700K downloads! Hurray! While we’ve come so far, we’ve still got a long ways to climb. Recruit your friends for some fun-filled adventures!

1)    X Awakens Makes a Come Backba_stage11500.pngX versions of three 5★ stalwarts are available in this quest! For more information, head to this link.

Period (ET)
7/1 - 7/3

2)    Divine Showtime Returnsfivexdroprate.pngDuring the time period below, Divine Sharls are five times more likely to drop from Clear Bonuses and Luck Bonuses in Daily Catalyst quests.

Sharls & Stoans: Red/Blue/Light
Sharls & Stoans: Green/Dark

Period (ET)
7/4 1AM - 7/5 12:59AM

3)    Incoming: New Monsters, New Quests
From 7/4 (ET), a new series will appear. Don't miss out on Operation Stardust!

Sneak Preview of Grey Alien (Serial Code for 1 Orb at the end)

4)    Get MORE from Your Stamina!
From 7/1 to 7/3 (ET), Co-op Only and Expie quests will be half stamina! From 7/6 – 7/8 (ET), Expie quests will have +50 Luck on Main Monsters!

5)    Raise Queen Butterflight’s Luckba_stage10910.pngThe more Luck a Main Monster has, the higher the chance of a Luck Bonus after finishing quests! MAX Luck (99) on a Main Monster guarantees 2 Luck Bonuses each time you clear a quest!

For more information on Queen Butterflight and Luck, head here!

Half stamina on Queen Butterflight’s Quest:
7/3 10PM - 7/3 11:59PM (ET)

6)    More Mega Fuse-a-thonba_mega_fuse-a-thon.pngThe Mega Fuse-a-thon’s back! Take advantage of the boost to Mega Fusion rates and max out your monsters. A Mega Fusion doubles the effects of a fusion (excluding Luck)!

Period (ET)

7) Log in to Get Evolution Materials
Play and log in everyday to get a mix of evolution materials. These bonuses can be claimed from your Gift Box!


Period (ET)
7/1 5AM- 7/6 4:59AM ET

7/1 2 Blue Sharls and 10 Blue Stoans
7/2 2 Green Sharls and 10 Green Stoans
7/3 2 Light Sharls and 10 Light Stoans
7/4 2 Red Sharls and 10 Red Stoans
7/5 2 Dark Sharls and 10 Dark Stoans

Happy Hunting!

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