Striker Tribune: July (7/7 - 7/13)



Hey, Strikers!

We’re going to be adding new quests, more fun in continuance of our 700K downloads celebration. Remember to invite your friends for some awesome co-op action! Powerful monsters wait to be had!

1)    Magical Labyrinth Returns!
Need some 5★ drop monsters? The Magical Labyrinth is a great place to get them. The quest only costs 35 stamina to challenge. If you need some help, make sure to ask your friends!ba_stage270050.pngFor more details, head here.

Appearance Times (ET)
7/7 1PM - 2:59PM
7/8 10PM - 7/8 11:59PM
7/9 7PM - 8:59PM

2)    The Blade Awakens: Murasame
Cooperate with your friends to get as many tickets as you can, and get 6★The One True Murasame.ba_stage12000.pngAppearance Times (ET)
7/10 10PM - 7/10 11:59PM
7/11 1PM - 7/11 2:59PM
7/11 10PM - 7/11 11:59PM
7/12 1AM - 7/12 2:59AM
7/12 7PM - 7/12 8:59PM
7/13 1PM - 7/13 2:59PM
7/13 10PM - 7/13 11:59PM

For more details, head here.

3)    Someone Asked for the Gold Hatcher...
And so, it returns! One hatch is 100,000 Gold. Get Morlings for hyperboosting!ba_gold.pngFind more details on hyperboosting here.

Available Monsters:
S-type, X-type Morlings, King Mormite, seasonal Expies, and Striker, Jr.

Period (ET)
7/10 12AM – 7/13 23:59PM (ET)

4)    WHAT!? A Fan Vote Campaign on Facebook?!
Yes, that’s right! We’ll be holding a special fan vote on Facebook on 7/12. Stay tuned for more details, Strikers!

Find our Facebook page here.

5)    Orbs, Orbs, Orbs
Login from 7/7 5AM – 7/10 4:59AM (ET) and get 1 Orb daily. Mmm, Orbs!

Happy Hunting!

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