Striker Tribune: October (10/1-10/10)




Hey, Strikers!

More EXP equals more stamina. If you have more stamina you can play more quests. And if you’re a Striker looking to make a mark, don’t forget about the Mythos series quests!

We’ve got a special event coming up for Halloween. Take this time to prepare by raising your Rank and maximum stamina!


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Experience Increased on Certain Quests

Here’s a quick table of what quests become doable as you increase your maximum stamina:

Rank Max Stamina Can Solo/Host
10 35 Savage Difficulty Quests
36 50 Extreme Difficulty Quests
50 59 Temple of Heroes Quests
52 60 Impossible Difficulty Quests

Period (ET)
10/1 - 10/4 Daily Catalyst/Gold Quests = EXP x 9
10/6 - 10/10 Event Quests That Drop Cthulhu Vouchers = EXP x 2 (Quests Listed Below)

10/6 A Game of Chance
10/7 Weaponized Angel
10/8 Over the Rainbow
10/9 The Forest’s Gloom
10/10 Azure Torrent+


Izanagi and Yamato Takeru Return

Have you gotten your Izanagi and/or Yamato Takeru yet, expert Strikers? If you haven’t, you’ll get a few chances during the period below.

Period (ET)
10/3 10PM – 11:59PM Yamato Takeru
10/4 12PM – 12:59PM Izanagi
10/4 4PM – 4:59PM Izanagi


The Mythos Endures

Get Mythos series monsters for the foundation of a good team.mythosbanner.pngmythos2_修正.pngFor Beginner Strikers
-    Get Cthulhu Vouchers by beating the Event Quest marked as Mythos
-    Use a Cthulhu Voucher and complete the quest to get a 5★ Cthulhu
-    Fuse Expies into your 5★ Cthulhu to max its level.
-    Gather evolution materials by playing Daily Catalyst quests and evolve 5★ Cthulhu into 6★Awakened One Cthulhu

For Intermediate Strikers
-    Complete the Beginner goals
-    Play the Cthulhu quest multiple times to get Leah and Dax Vouchers.
-    Use the vouchers to and complete the quest to get 5★ Dax and 5★ Leah
-    Evolve both to their 6★ forms

For Advanced Strikers
-    Complete the Beginner and Intermediate goals
-    Look into ascending 5★ Leah and 5★ Dax
-    Max Luck Leah and Dax


A New Series

The Extreme quests in this upcoming series are pretty difficult. Beware!

More information will be coming on 10/3.


Mega Fuse-a-thon

Mega Fuse-a-thon will be back on 10/1 (ET). Make sure to fuse away!ba_mega_fuse-a-thon.png


Divine Showtime

fivexdroprate.png10/5 1AM – 10/6 12:59AM (ET)

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