Striker Tribune (Updated 10/14): October (10/11-10/22)




Divine Showtime will be postponed and will not be occurring every month, as mentioned in the past, on the 5th, 15th and 25th. We will let you know when we will start it up again. 





Hey, Strikers!

Halloween just around the corner, the start of Monster Strike the Animation, a fresh new version... Everything’s converging! Plus, we have a fun new event to get a monster from an upcoming event series before the series is even released.


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Collect Smydra Sharls

Get Smydra Sharls and use them to roll the Smydra Sharl Hatcher. The Smydra Sharl Hatcher has an assortment of event monsters, plus the new 5★ Bull Demon King.

5★ Bull Demon King

ep2162.pngAvailable 5★ Monsters

Bull Demon King Gunblaize Tokugawa Yoshinobu
Fellmane Panzer Orochimaru
Vishnu Vanilla the Witch Louis XIII
Ghoulie Princess Takiyasha Tengu

Available 4★ Monsters

Inugami Izuna Tsunade Garuda Gluttony
Dr. Ginger Lazanicoff Kondo Isami Saito Hajime Duke of Buckingham
Milady de Winter Colonel Potato Legion Lantern Angler Hanged Man
Doman Goldman Preta Kasha Kappa

Smydra Sharl Hatcher Period (ET)
After 5.0.0 Update – 10/17 11:59PM

How to Get Smydra Sharls
Play the voucher quest, “The Expie’s Fall”, and Daily quests! 1 voucher for “The Expie’s Fall” will be distributed daily, from 10/11 5AM – 10/15 4:59AM (ET).ba_stage_ゲッペイ4.pngSmydra Sharl Drop Period for Daily Quests (ET)
After the 5.0.0 Update – 10/14 10:59PM
-    They’ll drop from Local Co-op bonuses and Damage Treasures. Get more Smydra Sharls by playing with friends!


New Series, Eastern Journey

A new series, Eastern Journey, starts from 10/17 (ET)! More details forthcoming. Half stamina on the Extreme event quest featuring the 5★ Bull Demon King? If you’ve already collected a few copies of 5★ Bull Demon King from the Smydra Sharl Hatcher, it might be the perfect chance to Max Luck him!


Gold Hatcher Returns

Use any leftover gold to pull the Gold Hatcher! Don’t forget that Morlings have gotten a big boost to their effectiveness.ba_gold.pngPeriod (ET)


Half Stamina on Temple of Heroes Quests

Run Temple of Heroes quests to get Ableberries to your heart’s content! Half stamina means that you’ll be able to play more often and fit in more runs.

Period (ET)
10/11 – 10/13


Monster Strike the Animation

The animation's starting! A Mission Log entry to get Oragon will soon be available! Make sure to lock your Oragon so you don't accidentally fuse or sell him. He may be the key to adventures in the future... More information on the animation can be found here.




Local Co-op Schedule

With the advent of the Local Co-op feature, there's a few quests available for Local Co-op. Each day is from 1AM - 12:59 AM (ET).

Monday: Together, EXPerience (Dark)
Tuesday: Together, EXPerience (Fire)
Wednesday: Together, EXPerience (Water)
Thursday: Together, EXPerience (Wood)
Friday: Together, EXPerience (Light)
Saturday (10/10): Orochi's Forest Prize (Kushinada)
Sunday (10/11): The Water-Walking Prince (Yamato Takeru)
All of the above quests can be played twice. The counter will be reset the next time the quest comes around.


Happy Hunting!

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