Striker Tribune, Part 1 (6/16)




Hey, Strikers!

Right along the heels of the 4.0.1 Version Update is a slew of new content! We even have a special (as of yet unmentioned) event prepared. Remember to play Co-op with friends and complete the new Mission Log entries introduced by 4.0.1.

1)    4.0.1 Version Update
Make sure to check out the 4.0.1 Version Update and see what’s been added or changed! There’s now a Schedule Notification Feature, new Normal Quests, new Co-op oriented Mission Log entries, plus more! To check out the details, head here!

2)    Eternal Epic Series
An assortment of new heroes and historical figures are here! Play the new Event Quests and Extreme Event Quests to get some new monsters. The two new Extreme Event Quests feature Marie Antoinette and Nero. Both of their ascension materials can be seen in the banners above. For more information on the series, head here!

3)    STAMarathonhalfstamina.pngFrom 6/16 (ET), select Daily Quests and Event Co-op Only Quests will be half stamina. Gather your friends together and get some new monsters!

4)    New Facebook Campaign
A new Facebook campaign will be out from 6/19 (ET)!  We’ll also release information about a new upcoming event then. Come join and play in the Striker Community!

Facebook Page

5)    Expie Quest Times Changed
From 6/16 (ET), Expie Quest times will change. Check out this page for more details. Don’t forget to obtain Expies and fuse them to your monsters to get stronger!

Happy Hunting!

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