Striker Tribune: Recruit the Queen



The queen’s breaking out of her cocoon and she’s looking for a new adventure. Recruit her into your team for that extra kick.
*To play her event quest, you’ll need to clear the Hazard Center first.


Event Period (ET)

4/21 4PM – 4/29 3:59PM


Event Goal

So your team’s been shaping up, with the new addition of Cthulhu. But Cthulhu’s lacking that killer instinct. Enter Queen Butterflight, who’s oozing with confidence. Show her your skills and she may be open to joining your team! There are also mission log entries to complete.


Event Details

Queen Butterflight’s quest will appear for 4 hours each day, all with half stamina.

Monsters used to ascend Queen Butterflight will also appear with half stamina, marked as “Quest of the day! Half Stamina!”

The skeleton with the explosive hand will also make an appearance. He’ll appear during the times below as a limited entry quest which can be played daily, up to two times.
4/22 12AM – 11:59PM (ET)
4/25 12AM – 11:59PM (ET)
4/27 12AM – 11:59PM (ET)

*Check the in-game event schedule for times. Don’t forget to tap and schedule notifications for the ones you want to play!


Mission Log Entries

Clear these entries for tons of loot! There are entries for each respective quest on all difficulties (Normal, Hard, Savage). Check out the rewards below:

Normal: Five red sharls
Hard: Crabotron
Savage: One orb

Normal: Five green sharls
Hard: Freekfrogg
Savage: One orb

Normal: Five light sharls
Hard: Dr. Sorge
Savage: One orb


Login Bonuses

Play during the period below to get a Blue Maxpie and orb daily.

Period (ET)
4/21 4AM – 4/29 3:59AM

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