Striker Tribune: Ring in the New Year



strikertribune.pngHey, Strikers!

A Season for Striking is coming to an end, but Monster Strike will continue to give the gift of striking. Come together with friends and family over the holidays to challenge a variety of quests! Fill up the Affinity Bar by playing together and reap awesome rewards. More information on Affinity bonuses is available here. All times are in Eastern Time.


Gauntlet Challenge (12/26 – 1/3)

The hardest quests in the game will appear more frequently during this period. Three hours of Izanami will appear on the 26th. From the 27th to 3rd, four hours of Impossible/Insidious quests will be scheduled daily. Rally together and celebrate the holidays by challenging oldies but goodies, plus a sprinkle of new. Play Local Co-op for a guaranteed drop when beating Impossible quests.

Plus, certain Extreme quests will be half stamina. Monsters from these Extreme quests may be the missing piece for clearing a difficult quest. The hatcher will also feature monsters useful in said quests.

Check the in-game schedule regularly to see what’s coming up.


New Event Quest: The Accursed, Calamitous Blade, Featuring Muramasa

ba_stage12740.pngFirst there was Murasame, the blade of light. Now there is Muramasa, the cursed blade. Challenge a series of quests for a chance to unlock the blade’s true power—transforming it into 6★ Muramasa, Blade of the Abyss. Clear “The Accursed, Calamitous Blade” to get different elemental vouchers. Playing locally with friends and/or family guarantees one voucher drop for completing the quest on Extreme!

For event schedules, go to our home page or check in-game. On 12/30, there will be a Local Co-op sneak peek for Muramasa (playable two times). More information on the quest itself is also available here.



Striker’s Choice 48-Hour Extreme Marathon (12/31 - 1/1)

48hourextreme1.pngThe top 10 like-getters on FB will appear during this 48-hour potpourri of various Extreme quests!  They'll be scheduled for 3 hours and will be marked with a blinking “Striker’s Choice” tag. Take this opportunity to get elusive ascension materials, or monsters that don’t normally appear. Get a variety of 5★ monsters! Ready for some non-stop action?


Magical Labyrinth 3 (1/1 - 1/3)

ba_stage220300.pngThe third incarnation of the Magical Labyrinth is coming. New and old monsters will be featured. There is both a Savage and Hard difficulty. Local Co-op bonuses are available for both difficulties. The drop rate on Hard after defeating the final boss is lower than Savage, which is guaranteed to drop the defeated boss.


Striker News

Watch Striker News on YouTube and get first-hand information there!



Other Campaigns

Login Rewards
-Login 1/1 -1/7 to get an Orb a day.

Bonus Luck Campaign
-12/28 - 12/31, 1/2-1/3 Expie quests will have bonus luck

Mega Fuse-a-thonba_mega_fuse-a-thon.png-Hypermax and boost on 1/1

New Missions
-Watch VS Muramasa Video for 1 Orb
-Watch MS New Year Video for 5 Orbs

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