Striker Tribune: September (9/19-9/30)




Hey, Strikers!

Play with friends and get Orbs, Gold, Monsters... What’s not to like?

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Gold Rush and Gold Hatcher

The Gold Hatcher makes another reappearance! One hatch is 100,000 Gold. Get Morlings for hyperboosting! Find more details on hyperboosting here. We’ll also hand out vouchers to get, well... Gold! Log in 9/20 and 9/21 (ET) to get a Hunt for Gold voucher each day!ba_gold.pngAvailable Monsters:
S-type, X-type Morlings, King Mormite, seasonal Expies, and Striker, Jr.

Period (ET)
9/19 12AM – 9/21 11:59PM

From 9/19 – 9/21 (ET), get five times the gold on these quests:
・Castle Redsrath
・Castle Greenseule
・Castle Bluebrume
・Castle Whitestinge
・Castle Blackhope


To Affinity and Beyond

Play with Friends and fill your Affinity Bar! We’ll even make it easier — during the time period below, we’ll be handing out 1 To Affinity and Beyond voucher daily. This voucher allows you to challenge the Co-op Only “To Affinity and Beyond" Quest, which completely fills the Affinity Bar of all Friends who are in the quest with you. And Affinity Bonuses will be changed to TWO ORBS EVERY TIME after the first fill for a limited duration! Affinity Bars can only be filled once per friend per day.

To Affinity and Beyond Voucher Period (ET)
9/24 5AM – 10/1 4:59AM

2 Orb Affinity Bonus Period (ET)
9/24 1AM – 10/2 12:29AM

For more information on what Affinity Bonuses are, go here.


Friend Hatcher Renewal

It’s time for the Friend Hatcher to get a makeover! We’ll be increasing Striker, Jr’s drop rate and changing around some of the available content.ba_c_gacha_3.pngRenewal Date: 9/24 (ET)


New Mission Log Entries

During the time period below there will be new Mission Log entries:
-    Clear “To Affinity and Beyond!” to receive Ticket to Divines! (Period (ET): 9/24 5AM – 10/1 11:59PM)
-    New Mission Log entries for a new series (Period (ET): 9/24 12AM – 9/30 11:59PM)


New Series

A new series will be coming from 9/24 (ET).


Murasame and Tsukuyomi Return

Both Murasame and Tsukuyomi will be making a reappearance! Playing together with Friends with lucked monsters will increase the number of chances at Murasame Vouchers. Get all the materials and ascend to 6★The One True Murasame — and Murasame to give you a leg up on Tsukuyomi!

Period (ET)
Murasame (9/19 - 9/21)
Tsukuyomi (9/22 - 9/25)

Murasame Info


Tsukuyomi Infoba_stage12050.png

Happy Hunting!

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