Striker Tribune: September (9/1 - 9/11)



strikertribune.pngHey, Strikers!

X Awakens 2 is coming — along with a bunch of other fun stuff, including a new series.

1)    X Awakens 2
Two new X versions of bosses have arrived! More details upcoming.ba_stage12310.pngPeriod (ET)
9/3 – 9/4, 9/6

2)    Gold Hatcher
The Gold Hatcher makes another reappearance! One hatch is 100,000 Gold. Get Morlings for hyperboosting! Find more details on hyperboosting here.

Available Monsters:
S-type, X-type Morlings, King Mormite, seasonal Expies, and Striker, Jr.

Period (ET)
9/3 12AM – 9/4 23:59 (ET)

From 9/2 – 9/3 (ET), get five times the gold on these quests:
・Castle Redsrath
・Castle Greenseule
・Castle Bluebrume
・Castle Whitestinge
・Castle Blackhope

3)    Divine Showtime
5, 15, 25. What do these days have in common? Divine Sharl drop rates will be boosted five times on Daily Catalyst quests on these days!fivexdroprate.png- If a 5 falls on a Friday, there will be no boosted drop rates due to it being a Gold day.

4)    Luck Bonanza
Take advantage of +50 bonus luck on your main monster in daily Expie quests. Having 99 Luck will guarantee two Luck Bonuses. See what Luck’s all about, even more so if you play with some friends!bonusluck.pngPeriod (ET)
9/7 – 9/8

5)    STAMarathon
Half stamina on Daily quests from 9/9 – 9/10 (ET)!halfstamina.png6)    New Series
A new series will start from 9/5 (ET)!

7)    Mega Fuse-a-thon
It’s on 9/1 (ET). Don’t miss it!ba_mega_fuse-a-thon.pngHappy Hunting!

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