New Promotion: Swim Amongst the Stars





Summer is fleeting but stars are eternal. Take a dip in the night sky and cool off amongst the starlight!





Event Overview: New Event, “A Dip in the Night Sky”



Event Period (ET)

8/4 12AM - 8/14 11:59PM




Participating in the event is simple:

1. Clear the "A Dip in the Night Sky" event quest and get the limited-time exclusive 5★ Eternity

2. Ascend 5★ Eternity by collecting Ruby, Lapis Lazuli, and Emerald Goldfish from the event quest

3. Choose between three possible ascensions

Bonus 4. Collect all three

Bonus 5. Raise your ascended 6★ Eternity into a max luck monster


There will be a variety of bonuses added to the "A Dip in the Night Sky" event quest. Keep an eye out as they'll change according to time and date!


"A Dip in the Night Sky" Notes

- There are a total of four difficulties: Normal, Hard, Savage, and Extreme

- Defeat the boss for a chance at a 5★ Eternity drop (higher the difficulty, higher the chance)

- Defeat the boss on Extreme difficulty for a 100% drop

- 5★ Eternity does not drop from Clear, Speed, No-Continue, or Luck bonuses

- On Extreme, 5★ Eternity is guaranteed to drop from Local Co-op bonuses (5★ Eternity will not drop on other difficulties)

- Ruby, Lapis Lazuli, and Emerald Goldfish appear based on difficulty (Ruby = Normal and up, Lapis Lazuli = Savage and up, Emerald = Extreme only)

- Goldfish will appear randomly in-quest. Defeat them in three turns, or they'll run away

- Goldfish will always drop as long as they are defeated before they can escape

- Main quest hazards are Laser Barriers and Wind

- Bring monsters with Mech Slayer, Demon Slayer, and Demonsbane


5★ Eternity's Ascensions

star ascension.png


Promotion Missions

Complete these Promotion-limited Mission Log Entries for some sweet rewards. Maxing ascended Eternity's luck will yield a special title!


12-Hour Only Mission (8/4 12AM - 8/4 11:59AM (ET))

Check your Mission Log for more details.


Clear "A Dip in the Night Sky on Various Difficulties (8/4 12AM - 8/14 11:59PM (ET))


Normal = Light Maxpie

Hard = 5★ Eternity

Savage = Orb

Extreme = Divine Sharl


Max Ascended 6★ Eternity's Level (8/4 12AM - 8/15 11:59PM (ET))

Rewards: 5★ Eternity


Raise 5★/6★ Eternity's Luck (8/4 12AM - 8/15 11:59PM (ET))


Luck-2 = Light Maxpie

Luck-5 = Ruby, Lapis Lazuli, and Emerald Goldfish

Luck-10 = 5★ Eternity

Luck-15 = King Mormite

Luck-25 = +25 Monster Box Space (Valued a +5 per orb)

Luck-50 = 5★ Eternity

Luck-75 = Divine Sharl

Max Luck = Special Title, "The Eternal Star Seeker"


Other Goodies

Daily Login Orbs

Period (ET): 8/4 5AM - 8/15 4:59AM


Mega Fuse-a-thon

Period (ET): 8/4 12AM - 11:59PM


Gold Hatcher

Includes Morlings, Expies, and Striker, Jr.

Period (ET): 8/11 12AM - 8/14 11:59PM

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