Temple of Heroes: Time Trial Quests



Hey, Strikers!

The Temple of Heroes just got a lot more timely! Complete Time Trial quests within the allotted time to get a Time Clear Bonus — a guaranteed Ableberry drop. The timer will start ticking after you meet the boss! The new Time Trial quests will first appear after the Version 4.3.1 Update.


Defeat the Boss Quickly!



The Countdown Continues



Time Clear Bonus



Quest Details

- An Ableberry will always drop from a Time Clear Bonus.
- An Ableberry will always drop from a No Continue Bonus.
- Time will only decrease when during the period it takes a Striker to fire their shot. Time will not decrease when the Striker's monster is moving, or when it's the enemy monsters' turn.
- There are no Speed Clear Bonuses.
- The timer will not be reset after a continue.
- The Time Clear Bonus is only available if the quest is cleared within the allotted time.


Added Quests:

Netherfire Time Trial
Wellspring Time Trial
Hexfolia Time Trial
Firstlight Time Trial
Evernight Time Trial

Enjoy, and Happy Hunting!

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