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Temple Time Trial Local Co-op Bonus Issue



There was an issue with the Local Co-op bonus rewards for Temple Time Trials after the Version 5.2.2 release. The issue consisted of getting the exact same Ableberry for both the No Continue and Local Co-op bonuses, but only if they were the same color. The issue has been fixed and the bonuses should be functioning normally.
*Please note that there's still a very small chance you'll get the same Ableberry when playing.

We'll be sending out an apology orb in the next few days to players that played Temple Time Trials between 3/18 5AM to 3/23 7:14 AM (ET). It may take some time for the gift to show up in your gift box.

As an additional add-on, we'll be bringing back Race to Gold (Gold Ableberry drop rate doubled on Temple Time Trials) and half stamina from 3/25 1AM to 3/29 12:59AM (ET).

Thank you for your patience!

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