New Challenge: Tower of Champions (New Floors Added)





A mysterious tower appears in the dark of night. Within a challenge awaits, one that will test even the greatest Striker. This time, the stamina cost of later floors has been lowered. The top of the tower has also been extended to 35F. Clear the higher floors to get a new monster, 5★ Babel. Completing all of the floors will also unlock an exclusive title!


Appearance Period (ET)

9/15 12AM - 9/30 11:59PM


During this time period, Trial quests will also yield three times their normal experience. Take advantage of the x3 multiplier to rank up!


Other Goodies

Half Stamina on Dragon Gem Quests

Period (ET): 9/20 1AM - 9/26 12:59AM


Mega Fuse-a-thon

Period 1 (ET): 9/17 12AM - 9/18 11:59PM

Period 2 (ET): 9/24 12AM - 9/25 11:59PM


Daily Login Orbs

Period (ET): 9/15 5AM - 10/1 4:59AM


Event Overview

The tower consists of 35 floors, with the floors getting progressively harder the higher you go. Each floor must be cleared solo or as a host before the next floor unlocks. You will also need to reach a certain rank before you can challenge the higher floors. If you find yourself stuck, take advantage of the x3 experience boosts in Trial quests to raise your rank. Aim for the top and prove your worth as the Champion of the Tower!




There are also first clear rewards at certain floors of the tower.




Event Details

Stamina Cost for Each Floor

Floor Stamina Cost
1F-5F 5
6F-10F 10
11F-15F 15
16F-20F 20
21F-25F 25
26F-30F 30
31F-35F 35


Rank Requirement for Each Floor

Floor Rank Requirement
1F-5F None
6F-10F 15
11F-15F 30
16F-20F 50
21F-25F 70
26F-29F 100
30F-35F 150


List of First Clear Rewards

Clear Floor Rewards
5F 5 Deluxpies
10F 6★ Krishna (Ascended)
15F 1 Divine Sharl
16F 5 Red Maxpies
17F 5 Blue Maxpies
18F 5 Green Maxpies
19F 5 Light Maxpies
20F 5 Dark Maxpies
21F 1 Red Dragon Gem
22F 1 Blue Dragon Gem
23F 1 Green Dragon Gem
24F 1 Light Dragon Gem
25F 1 King Mormite
26F 2 Orbs
27F 2 Orbs
28F 2 Orbs
29F 2 Orbs
30F 5★ Babel×1
31F 5★ Babel×2
32F 5★ Babel×3
33F 5★ Babel×4
34F 5★ Babel×5
35F 50 Orbs


-First clear rewards can only be gotten once, after you clear the respective floor for the first time solo or as a host.

-There are normal, speed, no-continue, and luck bonuses available after clearing each floor. Playing through local co-op will also yield a local co-op bonus.

-Rewards will be sent directly. You do not need to claim them from your gift box.

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