New Floors Added: Tower of Champions (Ends 2/28 11:59PM ET)




The fog has parted once more, revealing the Tower of Champions. Make your way to the top and stake your claim to a variety of rewards. With new floors added, the top of the tower is now 40F. Get bragging rights by completing the 40th floor by yourself or as a host to unlock a special title.
Good luck, Strikers!

Appearance Period (ET)

2/15 12AM - 2/28 11:59PM


Event Details

Stamina Cost for Each Floor

Floor Stamina Cost
1F-5F 5
6F-10F 10
11F-15F 15
16F-20F 20
21F-25F 25
26F-30F 30
31F-35F 35




Rank Requirement for Each Floor

Floor Rank Requirement
1F-5F None
6F-10F 15
11F-15F 30
16F-20F 50
21F-25F 70
26F-29F 100
30F-40F 150

List of First Clear Rewards

Clear Floor Rewards
5F 5 Deluxpies
10F 6★ Krishna (Ascended)
15F 1 Divine Sharl
16F 5 Red Maxpies
17F 5 Blue Maxpies
18F 5 Green Maxpies
19F 5 Light Maxpies
20F 5 Dark Maxpies
21F 1 Red Dragon Gem
22F 1 Blue Dragon Gem
23F 1 Green Dragon Gem
24F 1 Light Dragon Gem
25F 1 Dark Dragon Gem
26F 2 Orbs
27F 2 Orbs
28F 2 Orbs
29F 2 Orbs
30F 5★ Babel×1
31F 5★ Babel×2
32F 5★ Babel×3
33F 5★ Babel×4
34F 5★ Babel×5
35F 20 Orbs
36F 5★ Element of Babel ×1
37F 5★ Element of Babel×2
38F 5★ Element of Babel×3
39F 5★ Element of Babel×4
40F 40 Orbs

-First clear rewards can only be gotten once, after you clear the respective floor for the first time solo or as a host.

-Rewards will be sent directly. You do not need to claim them from your gift box.

-There are normal, speed, no-continue, and luck bonuses available after clearing each floor. Playing through local co-op will not yield a local co-op bonus.

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