Striker Tribune: Murasame Returns (1/11 - 1/18)



Hey, Strikers!

Murasame’s on her way back to the Monster Strike world! During this time, 5★ Surtr, who’s a very useful monster for Murasame’s quest, will appear frequently! Play with your friends and aim for the rare Light Elemental voucher.


Murasame’s Return

ba_stage12000.pngThe One True Blade will make multiple appearances during this time period. Clear her quest, “The Sentient, Iridescent Blade” for a chance at elemental vouchers. Elemental vouchers can be used to challenge various versions of the quest, and each will need to be cleared to collect ascension materials to ascend 5★ Lightblade Murasame into the 6★ The One True Murasame. For more details on the quest, head here.

6★ The One True Murasame


Playing “The Sentient, Iridescent Blade” through Local Co-op on Extreme will always yield one elemental voucher.


Play Video

(The video is a throwback to Murasame's first appearance. Serial codes are currently unavailable in game)


Appearance Times (ET)

Normal Schedule
1/11 7PM – 8:59PM
1/13 7PM – 8:59PM
1/14 10PM – 11:59PM
1/16 7PM – 8:59PM
1/17 10PM – 11:59PM

Local Co-op Schedule (Limited Entries: 2)
1/12 12AM – 11:59PM
1/15 12AM – 11:59PM
1/18 12AM – 11:59PM


Surtr: Murasame's Bane

ba_stage11080.pngGet Surtr and put the hurt on Murasame!

Appearance Times (ET)
1/11 10PM – 11:59PM
1/12 12PM – 12:59PM
1/12 4PM – 4:59PM
1/13 10PM – 11:59PM
1/14 7PM – 8:59PM
1/15 7PM – 8:59PM
1/16 10PM – 11:59PM
1/17 7PM – 8:59PM


Other Campaigns

ba_divineshowtime.pngDivine Showtime (Drop Rate x 5)
Divine Sharls will be five times as likely to drop from Clear and luck Bonuses! Bring monsters with high luck as your main monster and cooperate with friends to increase your chances at a drop!

Period (ET)
1/16 – 1/17

STAMarathon (Half Stamina)
Daily catalyst quests will be half stamina! Play during this period and profit from double the runs!

Period (ET)
1/11 – 1/18

Mega Fuse-a-thon
1/15 (ET)

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