Update to Version 5.1.1 (Bug Fixes, UPDATED)




The 5.1.1 update for iOS is now available on the App Store (or when your store reflects it.) Version 5.1.0 will be available until 12/18 4AM (ET), after which you'll have to update to Version 5.1.1 to continue playing.  Update Orbs will be sent out after the servers switch permanently to only 5.1.1.

Hey, Strikers!

We will be releasing Version 5.1.1 to fix some confirmed bugs in Version 5.1.0.

Fixed Bugs
- Team change crash
- Abnormal battery use

Android Users
The update has been submitted to the store on 12/8. You'll be able to download it as soon as it's reflected in the store.

iOS Users
The update was submitted for Apple review on 12/7. After the update passes the review, we'll release the update. Thanks for your patience!

download now!