Version 3.3.3 Update



Hey, Strikers!

Monster Strike has updated to Version 3.3.3!

We've updated the game to version 3.3.3 to fix the Back Up Play Data and Transfer Data features. The fixes will become active from 5/14 (ET).

About Backing Up Play Data and Transfers
From 5/14 (ET), the Back Up Play Data button will be available in the More section of the menu again. For those looking to transfer data, please Back Up your data in version 3.3.3 first.

Be sure to update to version 3.3.3 by 5/14 (ET). After that date, you'll have to update to the newest version to continue playing. Remember to update in an area with a good and stable connection.
Thank you for your patience!

See everyone in the game!

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