Version 4.3 Update (4.3.1)




Hey, Strikers!

Welcome to Version 4.3.1!


Register Previous Teams

The game will now record the last team you used to clear an Event, Temple of Heroes, and Voucher quest. You’ll be able to check and even register the previous team to one of your team slots. Convenient, right? Now you don’t have to try and remember what team you previously used.

Just tap on the “Previous Team” button, then the “Register to This Slot” button to register the previous team to one of your slots.

- Normal quests will not be recorded.update7.png

- Your team will be recorded even if you continue to clear. If you quit or lose in a match and don’t continue, your team will not be recorded.
- Only the most recent team will be saved. (If you attempt Extreme after having cleared Savage, the team you completed Savage with will be displayed.
- If you’re playing co-op, you can only see your previous team if you are the host, and have cleared the quest solo at least once before.
- Teams will only be recorded by activity after the 4.3.1 Version Update.



Edit Your Team After Selecting a Helper

When playing solo, you’ll now be able to edit your team after selecting a Helper. Edit your team around the Helper you select!update11 修正20150817.png


View Boss Icons on the Quest Screen

The actual icons of bosses will now appear for their respective quests. See at a glance who’s going to appear!update2.png

Scout Quest Info by Tapping a Boss’ Icon

Check what monster drops from a quest, and which monsters it can be used to ascend. Main quest hazards and boss classes will also be listed! update4.pngupdate5.png

Separated Voucher Quests

Now there’s no more need to sift through your Event quests in search of Voucher quests. Just tap the Voucher Quest button to see an entire list of Voucher quests!update3.png


Added Impossible Quest Timer

Time your Impossible quest clears. After you clear the quest once, you’ll be able to time your runs!update9.pngCheck out your time after you clear the Impossible quest! Your best time will be displayed on the Event Quest screen. Aim to always beat your best time!update10.pngAccess the Quest Timer by heading to More → Options → Quest Timer. Your time will count if you’re playing solo, or as the host of a co-op game. If you’re joining a co-op host’s game, the timer will appear as long as the host has cleared the quest once before. However, the time will not be recorded if you aren’t the host.

- Time will not be recorded if you don’t clear the quest.
- Only quest clear times after 4.3.1 will be recorded.


Colored MAX for Hypermaxed Monsters

A rainbow-tinted MAX will now be displayed for monsters that have been hypermaxed (Level, HP, Attack, Speed.) Monsters that can't be hyperboosted will display a rainbow-tinted MAX as well. This also applies when you’re selecting a Helper. Now you’ll be able to see which monsters have been hypermaxed at a glance! This allows you to see which monsters still need to be hyperboosted, and which monsters to take on quests.

Hypermax all of your monsters for that beautiful rainbow!

Monster Box


Helper Selectupdate6.png

Changed Intro Screen

There's now a new intro screen in town!update1.png

* XFlag is a new studio within mixi. XFlag will be creating new content for Monster Strike, as well as developing other games and content for the future.


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