Version 5.0.0 Update



ba_info_20151002_01.pngHey, Strikers!

We’re soon going to be off an upgraded to Version 5.0.0! Maintenance to upgrade the version will be from 10/9 3AM - 11AM (ET). The maintenance will last approximately 8 hours, but may fluctuate.


UI Flow and Design Brush Up

Monster Strike's getting a visual makeover!

-    Home Screen
The positions of Updates, the Gift Box, and the Mission Log will be changed. A new “Join Local Co-op Game button has also been added. You’ll now be able to join a local co-op game directly from the Home screen.
20151002_01.png*The Gift Box icon will not appear if you don’t have any gifts to claim. To check your box, tap the More icon in the bottom-right, then tap the Gift Box button.

-    Select a Quest Type Screen
Previously, you first selected a play mode (solo or co-op) before selecting a quest. This has now been changed. You’ll now first select a quest type, then a quest, then what mode you wish to play the quest with.20151002_02.png


Co-op Separated into Three Modes

There are now three separate modes for co-op.

1)    Local Co-op
Set a passcode and play together with friends in the same room.20151002_03.png20151002_04.png20151002_05.pngBenefits:
-    Get Local Co-op Bonuses after clearing quests. Certain quests might guarantee drops from Local Co-op Bonuses?!
-    Get Affinity Bonuses and Friend Points
-    Take advantage of a separate Local Co-op schedule—Impossible quests and quests to raise monsters will be available!
-    Experience the fun and excitement of Monster Strike with friends
-    Get New Striker Bonuses (up to 100 new Strikers met)

2)    Social Media Co-op
Play with friends through LINE, Facebook, or WhatsApp.20151002_07.pngBenefits:
-    Get Affinity Bonuses and Friend Points
-    Get New Striker Bonuses (up to 100 new Strikers met)

3)    Online Co-op
Play with other Strikers that are challenging the same quest.20151002_08.png20151002_09_1.pngBenefits:
-    Get Friend Points

Online Co-op Notes (Does Not Apply to Social Media Co-op or Local Co-op)
-    Online matching is not sorted by difficulty, but by quest

Hosting a Quest
-    Stamina is consumed normally when hosting a quest
-    Even if you give up or game over, the stamina used to enter a quest will be lost

Joining a Quest (Does Not Apply to Social Media Co-op or Local Co-op)
-    10 stamina is required to join a quest
-    The 10 stamina will not be consumed if you give up or game over.
-    Even though you select an initial difficulty when choosing a quest, the list of games available will include games of all difficulties. Please be careful to select the difficulty you wish to play.

Quests That Cannot Be Played Through Online Co-op (Does Not Apply to Social Media Co-op or Local Co-op)
-    Co-op Only Quests
-    Voucher Quests
-    Impossible Difficulty Quests
-    Local Co-op Only Quests


Weekly Missions Added

There will now be two types of missions in the Mission Log: Weekly Mission and Special Missions. Clear Missions and get rewards!20151002_10.pngNotes:
-    New Weekly Missions become available from 5AM (ET) every Sunday. (changed on 8/16/2016)
-    The first batch of Weekly Missions will last a shorter period, until 10/12 4:59AM (ET).
-    Weekly Missions may vary by Rank.
-    Weekly Missions will start being displayed after reaching Rank 3.
-    Quests played solo or as the host in co-op count toward Weekly Missions. Playing in another’s co-op game will not count towards Weekly Missions.
-    Remember to claim Weekly Mission reward as soon as possible. Rewards will disappear if they’re not claimed by the time when the weekly refresh occurs.
-    Missions other than Weekly Missions can be found under the Special Missions tab.
-    Daily quests like Expies, Catalysts, and Gold do not count towards the “Clear X Normal, Hard, Savage, Extreme Event Quests” entries.
-    Gold quests do not count towards the “Clear X Daily Expie Quests” entries.


Favorites and New Sorting Features Added

Tag your favorite monsters and make them easier to find. Monsters added to favorites can be easily found by sorting through Favorites.

Setting Favorites
It’s simple, just tap on the ★ like the picture below.

20151002_11.pngNext, sort by Favorites.20151002_12.png-    Marking a monster to Favorites is different from locking it. You can still sell a favorite but unlocked monster. Please be careful to LOCK AND FAVORITE your best monsters

Sort by Fuse & Sell (Expies, Pennybacks, Morlings)
For easy fusing and selling, sort your Monster Box by Fuse & Sell—no longer worry about accidentally selecting a different monster.20151002_13.png


Gold When Hypermaxed (Regardless of Level)



Other Changes

Changes to Certain Monsters
Effectiveness of Morlings Boosted
Changes to Daily Quests

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