Version 5.2.0 Update Notes



Hey, Strikers!

Plenty of big changes coming to the UI after the maintenance for the version 5.2.0 update.

Let’s run through the upcoming change to features below! Other than changes to certain features, the UI's gotten a complete renewal.


Home Screen

Header and Footer Renewal
-    Rank and experience will toggle every 2-3 seconds. Tap to manually toggle between the two.
-    Remaining EXP will be displayed visually with a circle-shaped bar.
-    The Play Stats/Titles screen will be accessible through tapping your nickname.
-    The Update, Gift Box, and More screens moved to the header.
-    The Mission Log moved to the footer.
head_footUS.pngMonster Stats
-    Monsters that can be evolved or ascended will have a grey star.
-    The level display will show both the current and max possible level of a monster.
-    The luck display will show both the current and max possible luck of a monster.
-    The display of Ableberries moved above the element icon.char_statusUS.png



Quest Flow
-    Quest buttons on the Home screen changed to “Join Co-op”, “Play Solo”, and “Host Co-op”.
-    Online renamed to Global Co-op.
-    Quest flow changed to play mode, then quest selection.
-    Progression bars added under the title to show the number of steps left until entering a quest.
quest_flowUS.pngQuest Display
-    Unsupported quests now greyed out according to the selected play mode. Tapping will result in an error message.
-    The amount of stamina consumed when joining a game through Global Co-op will be displayed.

Event Schedule
-    The Underway and Ended tabs on the Event Schedule removed
-    Quest details will be accessible through the Event Schedule
event_scheduleUS.pngNormal Quest Renewal
-    Normal quests renewed and renamed to Trial quests


Fusion, Evolution/Ascension

-    A monster’s level will be carried over even after they are evolved or ascended. Previously a monster’s level would be reset to one.
Fusion Confirmation Screen
-    Bars will now display the maximum number of stats a monster can have.
-    A highlighted bar will now display how much a monster’s stats are expected to rise.
-    The amount of hyperboosting a monster requires to reach their potential will be displayed.
-    The amount of hyperboosting a monster will gain after fusion will be displayed.

Monster Box

-    “All” has been changed to “Monster”.
-    “Monster” will display all monsters except for Expies and Morlings.
-    Expies and Morlings can still be found through “Fuse & Sell”.

-    The default sort option when selling will be changed to “Fuse & Sell”.
-    Monsters that are locked or favorited will not be displayed.
-    “Favorites” will be removed as a sorting option when selling.

Box Display
-    The number in the bottom right-hand corner will now show the total number of monsters in your box. The number will not change when moving to other screens.


Monster Details

Fuse & Evolve/Ascend
-    Buttons leading to the Fuse Monsters and Evolve/Ascend screens will be added. The buttons will not be displayed if the monster is not yours.

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