Version 5.2.2 Update




Version 5.2.2 is here! This update brings a co-op overhaul and some new features to increase Local Co-op support.

Daily Local Co-op Prize

Get the daily local co-op prize by playing and clearing a local co-op once per day! Prizes are randomly selected from the list below:
1 Orb
1 Mormite X
1 Morquik X
1 Morlyfe X
1 Expie quest voucher
1 Evolution materials voucher
1 Maxpie
- Daily prizes will vary by player

New Mission Log Entry: Co-op with Potential Friends


New Striker Bonuses will now be replaced with new "Co-op with Potential Friends" entries. The first new friend you play co-op with will yield ten Orbs. After that, play with up to 29 more new friends through co-op and get five Orbs each time!

New Mission Log Entry: Add In-game Friends


Get Orbs by adding friends to your Friend List! The first friend added will yield ten Orbs. After that, add up to 19 more new friends and get five Orbs each time! The entry will become available after clearing the Hazard Center set of Trial quests.
- Friends already in the Friend List will apply to completing the objectives
- It may take some time for the mission log entries to complete if there are already friends in your Friend List
- Heading to the Title Screen through the gear icon in-game will refresh the Mission Log
- You will no longer be able to add friends when completing quests solo. Try becoming friends through social media invitations!

Invite Friends Returns

Send invites to your friends through social media. Easily become friends in-game with your buddies!

Highest Rarity Displayed

The highest possible rarity of a monster will now be displayed through greyed out stars.

Co-op Renewal
The Global and Social Media matchmaking features have been disabled.

Please visit here (/news/important_co-op_overhaul.html) for more details.

New Local Co-op Bonuses Added to Temple Time Trial Quests
An Ableberry is now guaranteed to drop as a Local Co-op Bonus when beating a Temple Time Trial quest through co-op.

Facebook Share Mission Bug Fixed
iOS and Android players will now be able to complete Mission Log entries requiring sharing on Facebook.

A New Quest?
There's a possibility that a new quest will hit you when you least expect it. Keep your eyes peeled as you complete quests!

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