Version 5.2.3 Update




Hey, Strikers!

We’ve added a couple of nifty and convenient features in the Version 5.2.3 update. Updating will nab you five orbs!


Pennyback Auto-sell Feature

Pennybacks that you get in quests will now be automatically sold on the Quest Rewards screen. We wanted to save players an extra step, plus it helps to prevent clutter in your Monster Box.auto_money_US.png


Monster Buyback Feature

We added a Buyback feature that is useful for buying back accidentally sold monsters. You’ll be able to buyback previously sold 4★ and above monsters, excluding Expie, Pennyback, and Morling types. The level and hyper boost status of a bought back monster will be the same as when it was sold, however, any attached Ableberries will be lost.


Note: The Buyback list can only hold up to 50 monsters, so make sure to buyback wrongly sold monsters quickly!


Other Features

-    Brushed up the UX for passcodes. After entering a passcode, you’ll now head straight to joining or hosting a game. This eliminates one extra step for getting into a game.
-    A Push Notification will be sent whenever your stamina refills.

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