Version 5.4.0 Update





A new update is hitting Monster Strike! After the scheduled maintenance from 6/23 3AM – 10AM (ET), Version 5.4.0 will be live. This update includes: Luck Skills, new transcensions, and an overhaul of the Hatcher screen. Below is an overview of what’s been added.
*Screenshots all courtesy of our development server.


Luck Skills

So you’ve been raising your monsters’ luck and getting some sweet loot using them. All new Luck Skills will give you more bang for that luck!  The higher a monster’s luck, the more likely that their Luck Skill will activate.
*The activation chance of Luck Skills vary by monster.

Effect: A small chance to deal critical damage.
Monsters with the sword icon for their Luck Skill will have this effect. Critical cannot be activated by bump combos.




Monsters with Critical

Final Form Zuma Valkyrie of the Jade Flame Osiris of the Underworld Lord Brahma
Mechanized Eclipse Dark Usurper Zeus Cat Goddess Bastet Supreme Being Vishnu
Crimson Sanada Blossom Warrior Pink Ninja Leader Hanzo Hades, Lord of the Dead
Odin All-Father Chancellor Deathscoil Sanada Brave Sasuke Vulpine Inari X
Wunderkind Mozart Shining Avatar Ieyasu Universal Ruler Khan Legendary Witch Vanilla
Dracula, Lord of Vampires Queen Medusa Round Table Lancelot X Tannenbomber Zeus
Great Sage Bull Demon King Deathscoil Redux Sylvasaurus Rex Mechanized Saturn
Resplendent Hikari Odin of the Blue Flame Zeus Olympios Issun the Sizable
Empress Butterflight Merciless Deathscoil Scorpion Goddess Serket Harvest Goddess Bastet
Iga Demon Hanzo Toad Ninja Jiraiya Brahma the Creator Cosmic Conqueror Krishna
Lernean Hydra Grand Eclipse Amadeus Mozart Benevolent Warashi
Lamp Master Aladdin Ruinous Witch Vanilla Kabushido Maximus Cyber Medusa
Saucer Grey Sinister Wizard Richelieu Titanic Bull Demon King Festive Empress Butterflight
Zero Lancelot of the Lake Lancelot of the Lake X Valkyrie Warmaiden
Zeus of the Shining Flame The Rose Monstriker Thornmistress Butterflight Loki, God of Mischief
Soul Guardian Serket Fiendlord Beelzebub Liquid Illusionist Saizo Grand Shapeshifter Jiraiya
Vishnu the Preserver Krishna the Originator Blazing Beast Hydra Summer Siege Sanada
Shogun Ieyasu Nomad Conqueror Khan Aladdin, Wielder of Light Count Dracula
Hyper Helm Kabushido Round Table Lancelot Hunter Grey Laser Conductor Hikari
Resurgent Queen Butterflight Floodgate Nanami The Clover Monstriker Indolent Demon Belphegor
Siegfried, Blood of Dragons Most Sinister Nero Boisterous Brat Poltergeist Cosmic Whalelord Geppetto
Festive Tyrant Nero Tini the Sprite King Verdandi Fortunemaker Kali the Slayer
Queen Marie Antoinette Fated Overlord Zhang Jiao Obliterator Nanami Mica, Queen of Pyroxene
Archmage Hamelin Ra, Lord of Light SST Sky Armor Nero the Tyrant
Wandering Prankster Poltergeist Galactic Warship Geppetto Type-0 Heavy Armor: MICA Beastlord Bahamut
Apex Emerald Dragon Jackal God Anubis Archfiend Lucifer Lucifer, Nether Conqueror
Immortal Spirit Beethoven Melodious Snow Bow Ancient Smydra Jack-o'-lantern
Yeti, Princess of Snow Aries the Dreamer Bridge Stomper Ibaraki Doji Othello, Avatar of Jealousy
Roc, the Ruinous Wings Ruinous Roc and Nestlings    


Effect: A small chance to take less damage
Monsters with the shield icon for their Luck Skill will have this effect. The shield effect is only up on the turn that it activates.




Monsters with Shield

Mordred the Profound Osiris of the Nile Infernal Demon Astaroth Super Slash
Bach, God of Sound Yokai Warashi Dong Zhuo the Corrupt Ice Spirit Iron Fan
Vulpine Inari Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies Water Ninja Saizo Underworld God Hades
Paragon Michelangelo Paragon Behemoth Lord of Hatred Dong Zhuo Storm Princess Iron Fan
Trickmaster Loki Demon Queen Astaroth Koga Ninja Sasuke Bach, Father of Music
Sculptor God Michelangelo Afterworld Behemoth Dark Summoner Richelieu Merlin the Destined
Tiger I Hammer Warrior Clover Belphegor Marvelmaker Cosmic Genius Da Vinci
Burning Herald Micha Merlin the Golden Great Sage Zhang Jiao Lethal Acrobat Porthos
Belching Blaze Rakshasa Imperial Commander Titanium Frontierswoman Wyatt Earp Mighty Flor
Dark Emperor Tini Verdandi the Creator Mother Kali Undead Dragon
Festive Princess Sakuya Dragonsbane Siegfried Tiger I X Fire Spirit Salamander
Rakshasa the Cold Flame Steelwing Ops Commander Ti-22 Piper Mage of Hamelin Sun Goddess Ra
Vitruvian Da Vinci Archblessed Micha SST Blade Armor Ghostly Marie Antoinette
Cannoneer Porthos Flameguard Salamander Broadside Independence Sheriff Wyatt Earp
Independence Shining Emerald Dragon General Nurarihyon Inferno Wyrm
Tiamat Deathbringer Lionfiend Fellmane Margarite the Faerie Goddess Margarite
Nonno the Wolf Tamer Nonno the Public Menace Okita the Blade Shinsengumi Captain Okita
Anubis the Guardian Beastlord Bahamut X General Nurarihyon X Virtuoso Beethoven
Fabled Snow Bow Pumpkin Jack La Pucelle, Jeanne d'Arc Tragic Savior Jeanne d'Arc
Snowmaiden Yeti Yoshimune the Sharpshooter Ogreblood Ibaraki Doji Othello, Child of Ruin
Mighty Djinn Marida Marida Afrita    


-All monsters with a Luck Skill have a chance of activating it. The higher a monster’s Luck, the higher the chance.
-Luck Skills do not have a 100% activation rate, even when a monster reaches Max Luck.


New Transcensions

Hunter King and Susano have unlocked their true power. Transcend them now to reach new heights! The Dragon Gem quests for both elements will be added to the daily quest rotation.


6★ Spiritual Hunter King


6★ Storm Aragami Susano'o





Hatcher Screen Renewal




Trial Quest Balancing Changes

The overall difficulty of Trial quests have been lowered. The structure of a few quests have been changed as well.

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