Version 5.6.0 Update



Hey, Strikers!


A new update is hitting Monster Strike. Update to Version 5.6.0 to receive five orbs!


New Luck Skills

Two new Luck skills are available: Guide and Bump Combo Critical. Luck skills have been added to the monsters below:



Grimrose Harley Heavenly Tumbleweed Zhu Bajie Hundred-Beast Heracles Sea Ravager Kraken
Demon Queen Nobunaga X Cerebral Weapon PC-G3 Deneb the Lovely Demon Queen Nobunaga
Hero God Heracles Grimrose Harley X Grinder Gargoyle Oryo the Restorer
Gunslinger Aramis Oryo, Bride of Ryoma Blackrose Harley X Parvati the Invincible
Shingen, Tiger of Kai Scarlet Inferno Athos Glamrock Gargoyle Yoritomo, Vessel of Inari
Winged Enchantress Siren Queen of Hearts, the Beheader Demon Slayer Momotaro Last Queen Cleopatra
Romeo, Smiter of Demons Amakusa Shiro, Gospel's Voice Roller Gadget Yggdrasil Worldtree
Feline Lord Cait Sith Transcendant Sun Wukong Roller Goddess Foliaceous Tengu
Last Exorcist Seimei Lightbringer Sanzang Fashi Fenrir X the Monsterwolf Mechalord Drillmax



Accursed Assassin Vendetta Mountain Goddess Parvati Full Metal Spica Godslayer Fenrir
Agent Deneb Agent Spica Water Spirit Undine Tower Princess Rapunzel
Guan Yu the Valorous Crimson Saber Athos Awakened Realist Thumbelina Gulliver the Rampart
Wave Princess Undine Dreaming Cherub Thumbelina Kamakura Shogun Yoritomo Goddess of Mercy Sanzang
Zhu Bajie, Cleanser of Altars Great Minister Kiyomori Masked Madman Joker Storyteller Scheherazade
Marine Beastlord Kraken War Goddess Athena Bright Blight Reborn Manta Wyrm
Runaway Nihilist Joker Agent Sirius Prince Momotaro Yggdrasil the All-Tree
Kenshin, Dragon of Echigo Supreme Beauty Cleopatra Seimei the Spirit Medium Aerial Whiz Gulliver
Amakusa Shiro Reborn Ali Baba, Opener of Doors Nidhogg Blackbringer Fenrir the Monsterwolf
Karura Tengu Unholy Animator Takiyasha Great Sage Sun Wukong Freedom Giver Ali Baba



Kii Grand Chancellor Kiyomori Second Coming Nobunaga X SST Cherry Winger
Cerebral Ghoul PC-G3 Blackrose Harley Second Coming Nobunaga Ryoma the Captain
Megatress Rapunzel Ryoma the Visionary Supreme Weapon Takiyasha Echigo Warlord Kenshin
Romeo Possessed      


Bump Combo Critical

Kai Warlord Shingen Graceful Knight Aramis Infuriated Queen of Hearts Red Assassin Vendetta
Pangalactic Sirius Tragic Maiden Juliet Siren, Songstress of the Reef Pallas Athena
SST Devil Winger Peerless General Guan Yu Juliet, Zombie of Love Zhang Fei the Stout
Star Oracle Scheherazade Spirit King Cait Sith Armor Shredder Drillmax Crusher Zhang Fei


MAX Luck Monsters Display

Max luck duplicates of the same monster will now also be counted in the MAX Luck Monsters display in your profile.


New Titles

An assortment of new Titles has been added. Unlock them all and add a little spice to your name!


Titles Not Unlocking?

-Fusing something should unlock any cleared max luck-related titles

-Raising your rank once should unlock any cleared rank-related titles

-Playing a quest once should unlock any play-related titles

-Clearing a quest once should unlock any clear-related titles

-Beating a quest without continuing should unlock any no-continue-related titles

-Clearing an Impossible/Colossal quest should unlock any Impossible/Colossal clear-related titles

-Playing co-op once should unlock any co-op-related titles

-Hosting co-op once should unlock any host-related titles



Hit and Damage-related titles have been unlocked.



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