Version 8.0 Update (Part 1)





The biggest update to date, Version 8.0, is slated for late January - early February! Update news will be split into three parts.

*The update date will be announced after it's set in a separate maintenance news.

*All pictures included are still under development and may change in the future.




- Renewal of "Home"

- Renewal of "Hatchers"

- Renewal of "Quest"


Monster Box

- Renewal of the Monster Box

- Added the Material Box

- Made monsters searchable by name

- Made monsters sellable in bulk and by rarity


New Features

- Built the Library of Memories

- Added a Quest stocking feature



- Renewal of Trial Quests

- Renewal of Trial Quest Missions

- Eliminated Pennybacks



- Added notification feature for Ascension materials

- Changed Quest flow for Co-op


Complete UI Renewal

The entire game will get a makeover with Version 8.0. Check out the new screens and embrace the colors!


Monster Box and Fuse Renewal! And a Material Box?!

All materials will have a separate box, the Material Box, after Version 8.0! Morlings and Expies will now be stored there, and no longer take up space in your Monster Box. Add the convenience of having all of your materials in one place and it's a win-win situation! Remember to move existing Materials over to the Material Box.



Fusing will also be made easier. You'll now be able to use the + and - buttons to adjust the number of materials used. Ten different types of fusion materials can be used in one go. Up to 9,999 of each material type can be held at once.

*If a monster's level or hyperboost is maxed, you'll no longer be able to fuse the respective material to raise those stats.




Moving Over Previously Collected Materials

Use "Move Materials" to free up your Monster Box space and move existing materials to your brand new Material Box. Materials collected after Version 8.0 will be automatically added to the Material Box.



Monsters/Materials That Can Be Moved to the Material Box

- Expies, Nexpies, Deluxpies, and Maxpies of each element

- Morlyfe, Morlyfe S, Morlyfe X

- Morquik, Morquik S, Morquik X

- Mormite, Mormite S, Mormite X


Materials with Luck attached will be added according to the amount of Luck on the material. This applies to Bonus Luck as well.

*For example, a Maxpie's maximum Luck is 40 + 8 Bonus Luck, for a total of 48 Luck. In this case, 48 Maxpies will be moved to the Material Box.

*Seasonal, limited, and exclusive Expies and Morlings cannot be moved to the Material Box.

*"Move Materials" will not appear if you do not have any eligible materials to move.


Please Read

*Monsters in the Material Box cannot be used in quests.

*"Move Materials" will move all eligible materials to the Material Box regardless of whether they are locked or favorited.

*Materials that are set in Teams or as a Friend Monster will not be moved to the Material Box. Remove them first and try again.

*Materials in the Material Box cannot be sold, used as Exchange Luck materials, or fused with each other.

*Materials in the Material Box cannot be moved back to the Monster Box.


Search for Monsters by Name

You will be able to search for monsters by name!


*Swipe down to bring up the search bar.

*You can search on "Monster Box", "Evo/Asc/Transc" and "Edit Teams".


Sell Monsters in Bulk and by Rarity!

You will be able to sell up to 100 monsters at a time, as well as filter by rarity! You can now sell all 3★ or 4★ and under monsters in bulk. Save time and clean up your Monster Box in a jiffy!


*When selling, monsters will be prioritized from top to bottom.

*When using sorting features and selling in bulk, only the monsters displayed on the screen will be sold.

*Monsters selected before using the Sort and Filter feature will still be selected if you change the Sort and Filter settings. Be careful when selling!


Stock Quests and Play Them When You Want!

Stock Quests and play them when you want! You will now be able to stock one Quest at a time for play within a 48-hour period. The quest can be played solo or via co-op!

*Rank 50 or above is required to use this feature.

*Stocking a Quest will consume the equivalent stamina.


Stockable Quests

- Normal Extreme Quests (Extreme Difficulty)

- Normal Event Quests (Savage Difficulty)

*Only the highest difficulty for the Quest types listed above can be stocked.


Unstockable Quests

- Impossible Quests

- Colossal Quests

- Daily Quests

- Temple Quests

- Tower Quests

- Voucher Quests

- Trial Quests


*When stocking keep in mind that your stamina will be consumed. Stocking will also cost a Quests's full stamina, even if it can currently be played at half stamina.

*Only one Quest can be stocked at a time. If you attempt to stock another quest, your previously stocked quest will be overwritten. Your stamina for the first Quest will not be returned in this case.


The Library of Memories Opens Its Doors

Previously released Events can be played at the Library of Memories! Play whenever you want!


- The Library of Memories can be used five times a day. However, playing as a guest will not consume your uses.

- From Rank 70, you'll be able to use the Library of Memories as a host. There are no restrictions if playing as a guest.

- Not all previously released Events will be available. We will continue to update the number of playable Quests.

- Quests from the Library of Memories cannot be stocked.

- The counter for the Library of Memories is reset at 12AM (ET).

- Quests will consume the amount of stamina they normally require.


Playing Solo or as a Host

1) Head to "Quest", then the "Library of Memories".


2) Select the icon of the Quest you'd like to play. You can see the number of uses you have left on the top of the screen.



Playing as a Guest

Use the same Co-op flow as you'd normally use.


Trial Quests and Trial Quest Missions Renewal

Trial Quests will be renewed with brand new Trial Quests! Clear Trial Quests to access Bonus Stages and get clear rewards. Each cleared Quest will yield two Orbs! (Updated 1/26)


Missions will also be renewed as well! Get a variety of rewards including Divine Sharls, Dragon Gems, and 6★ Sanctuary Dragon, who'll come at Max Luck!


6★ Sanctuary Dragon



*6★ Sanctuary Dragon comes with the Shield Luck Skill.

*6★ Sanctuary Dragon cannot be evolved or ascended.

*6★ Sanctuary Dragon counts toward Max Luck Bonuses.


After the Version 8.0 update, the current Trial Quests and related Missions will disappear and be replaced with new Trial Quests and Missions. Please be sure to CLAIM YOUR REWARDS before the update. You will not be able to claim them after the update.


Pennybacks Go Extinct

After Version 8.0, Pennybacks will no longer appear in the game. You'll now get gold directly from Quests.

*Pennybacks, Munnybacks, and Plennyback gotten before Version 8.0 will remain in your Monster Box until they are sold.


Other Changes

- Local Co-op can now be played without setting a passcode.

- Notifications for Ascension Material Quests can now be set via the Ascension screen.

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