Version 8.0 Update (Part 2)





The biggest update to date, Version 8.0, is slated for late January - early February! Update news will be split into three parts.

*The update date will be announced after it's set in a separate maintenance news.

*All pictures included are still under development and may change in the future.



New Features

- Added "Exchange Medals"

- Added No Stamina Quests

- Added Stamina Overflow when leveling up

- Added Badges for certain Extreme Event monsters (process is different than getting Badges for Hatcher monsters)


Medals?! Collect and Exchange Them for Boost Items and Monsters

Play through Quests and collect Medals. They can be exchanged for helpful Boost Items and Monsters through "Exchange Medals"!


Boost Items

Below is a short rundown of the Boost Items available and what they do. Exchange Medals for Boost Items when you need a little bit of extra help beating a Quest!


Icon Name Effect Max Held Medal Cost
SSaVYncz5EjV20160812_4c.png +2 Chests Adds 2 chests after a Quest clear 8 3,000
395a26d0c8b495eed67fead6533eb2d087495dbb.png 100% Gauge Shot Guarantees Gauge Shot success 8 3,000
SSaVYncz5EjV20160812_4e.png +10,000 HP Adds 10,000 to max HP 4 6,000
SSaVYncz5EjV20160812_4f.png Phase Start 10% DMG Deals 10% DMG to all enemies when phase starts 4 6,000
SSaVYncz5EjV20160812_4g.png Phase Start Heart Spawn Spawns a heart when phase starts 2 12,000








*The pictures above are still under development.

*The effect of "Phase Start 10% DMG" will stack with Ableberry effects.


Using Boost Items

Boost Items can be selected on "Team Select" before heading out on a Quest.



You can check what Boost Items you're using while in a Quest through "MENU".



*Boost Items can only be used on certain Quests. Up to 4 different Boost Items can be used at a time.


Usable Quests (Difficulty Level)

- Extreme Quests (Extreme Only)

- Tower of Conquerors (20F - 40F Only)

- Temple of Heroes (Carnage Only)

- Impossible/Colossal Quests

- Library of Memories: Extreme Quests (Extreme Only)

- Voucher Quests

*Boost Items cannot be used on 5★ Origami's Quest, "Folded with Care".

*Boost Items cannot be used in Extra stages.


Exchange Medals for the Medal Exclusive Monster, 5★ Olive

Collect Medals and exchange them for 5★ Olive! Check how long a monster is available for exchange through "Exchange Medals".

*2 Max Luck 6★ Olive the Elegants can be fused together to claim a Badge of Honor.


5★ Olive


6★ Olive the Elegant





About Medals and Magic Stones

1 Magic Stone can be refined into 3,000 Medals. Please note that a Magic Stone cannot be exchanged directly for Boost Items or monsters. Up to 100,000 Medals can be held at a time. Make sure to exchange for Boost Items and monsters when you near your limit! Up to 2,147,483,647 Magic Stones can be held at a time (basically unlimited) so hold onto them for use on a rainy day!



Getting Magic Stones Via the Hatcher

After the Version 8.0 update, pulling a Golden Ten-Shot guarantees that you'll get 5 Magic Stones with your pull! We'll let you know from what Hatcher this will start on at a later date.


Getting Medals and Magic Stones Via Quests

You'll get Medals and Magic Stones as Score Bonuses based on your Quest clear time! Based on that time, you'll get either an S, A, B, or C Time Rank. The higher your Time Rank, the more Medals you'll receive.

*Guests in a Co-op game will receive the same Score Bonuses as the Host.

*Quests that already have a Time Rank can be replayed for Score Bonuses.


*The pictures above are still under development.


1 Point is equal to 1 Medal. If you get over 3,000 Points, you'll get 1 Magic Stone.

Example: 3,600 Points = 1 Magic Stone & 600 Medals


Check the Rank Standards (clear time required for each Quest) to see how fast you'll need to beat a Quest to achieve a certain Time Rank!



As you proceed through phases in a Quest, a timer will display showing how much time is left to achieve an S Rank.

*The Timer can be turned off through options.



*The pictures above are still under development.


Applicable Quests for Score Bonuses (Difficulty Level)

- Normal Event Quests (Savage Only)

- Extreme Quests (Extreme Only)

- Daily Quests: Dragon Gems (Extreme Only)

- EXP Shellmageddon (Extreme Only)

- Library of Memories: Normal Event Quests (Savage Only)

- Library of Memories: Extreme Quests (Extreme Only)

- Voucher Quests (Certain Quests Only)


Score Bonuses

Time Rank Table

Difficulty S A B C
Savage 80 Points 40 Points 30 Points 20 Points
Extreme/Insidious 400 Points 200 Points 150 Points 100 Points


Rarity Bonus Table

The lower the total rarity of the monster you use, the higher the bonus multiplier you'll get!

20★ or Less 21★ 22★ 23★ 24★
1.8 Times Bonus 1.6 Times Bonus 1.4 Times Bonus 1.2 Times Bonus No Bonus


Co-op Bonus

The more players, the higher the bonus multiplier you'll get!

4 Players 3 Players 2 Players Solo
1.5 Times Bonus 1.4 Times Bonus 1.3 Times Bonus No Bonus

*If a player is disconnected during a Quest, the bonus will be equivalent to how many players are still connected.


Play a Daily or Temple Quest for No Stamina Once a Day

One Daily Quest (Materials & Gold, Dragon Gem, Expie, Temple) can be played for no stamina cost once per day! You can find No Stamina Quests on the upper right of "Select a Quest Type".

*Temple Quests will not appear if you are not Rank 50 or higher.

*The counter resets at 12AM (ET).

*A Quest will be counted towards your daily total as soon as you enter it as a host or solo.

*Joining as a guest will not use up your daily count.

*There are no First Clear Bonuses when playing No Stamina Quests.

*No Stamina Quests cannot be stocked.


Extra Stamina Will Carry Over When You Rank Up

Any extra stamina will now carry over if you rank up! Previously, stamina would be only filled to the maximum allowed.


Certain Extreme Monsters Can Now Claim Badges

Some Extreme monsters will now be able to claim Badges and consume Ableberries! However, you'll need two Max Luck copies of an eligible monster from the same evolutionary tree. Fuse them together and you'll be able to claim a Badge!


What Is Max Luck

A monster reaches Max Luck when it has 99 Luck. Luck is raised by fusing together monsters from the same evolutionary tree.


*Eligible monsters will have an Ableberry section on "Monster Details".

*Monsters need a Badge before they can consume Ableberries.




Follow the Steps Below to Unlock a Badge

1) Collect two Max Luck monsters from the same evolutionary tree. Then, fuse them together.



2) Claim your Badge of Honor and take the monster to the Temple to consume some Ableberries.


*Monsters from the same evolutionary tree can be used to raise each others' Luck.

*Both monsters have to be Max Luck to claim a Badge.

*The process cannot be reversed. Please be careful.

*Fusing two Max Luck monsters will result in one being consumed. This may affect your Max Luck bonus, as your Max Luck count will decrease by one.

*Badges will be carried over when shifting a monster between Evolution and Ascension.

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