Version 8.0 Update (Part 3)





The biggest update to date, Version 8.0, is slated for 1/31 12AM – 8AM (ET)! Update news will be split into three parts.

*The update date will be announced after it's set in a separate maintenance news.

*All pictures included are still under development and may change in the future.



New Features

- Added "Exchange Luck"

- Added Max Luck Bonuses

- Added a 5★ or Under Quest

- Added Friend Slot feature

- Added First Friend Bonuses

- Extended turn durations in Co-op

- Added option to turn on and off the Rank Timer

- Added SS Voice playback feature


Exchange Your Luck for Useful Goods

Exchange Luck for useful materials! Head to "Monsters", then "Exchange Luck".


1) Select what you want to trade for.



2) Check what is needed for the trade.



3) Select what you will trade.



4) Complete your trade!



Max Luck? Maximum Bonuses

Get a variety of Max Luck Bonuses by increasing the number of Max Luck monsters you hold! Check out the list of Max Luck Bonuses in-game after the Version 8.0 update.

*Check the number of Max Luck monsters you hold by heading to Home → Play Stats/Titles → MAX Luck Monsters.




Not all Max Luck Bonuses are always active. But the higher the Max Luck Bonus Level, the higher the chance that they'll activate!

*You won't receive the No-Continue Bonus if you beat a quest using "Free Continue".

*"Free Continue" will not activate on No-Continue Quests.

*During Co-op, only the host's Max Luck Bonuses will be taken into account.

*Special rewards received from Max Luck Bonuses can be found in the Special section of "Missions".


Test Yourself! 5★ or Under Quest

A 5★ or Under Quest featuring Skull Dragon will appear! Use your 5★ or under monsters to beat the quest and get Skull Dragon!



Use Your Own Monster in the Friend Slot

You will now be able to use your own monster in the Friend Slot (there is a refresh timer on using your own monster). Plus, a separate slot will also be allotted for your Friend monster. You'll no longer have to keep it set as the first monster in your first team! 5★ or Under Quests will also have a separate slot.




First Friend Bonuses Forever

First Friend Bonuses have been added to the game. Becoming First Friends with a newly minted Monster Strike player will yield 5 Orbs!


Becoming First Friends

1) First, tap "Friends", then "Invite Friends".



2) After playing Co-op with a Friend you invited, tap "Add Friend", then send them a friend request!



3) After you become First Friends, 5 Orbs will be sent to your Gift Box.


If You're On Android

1) You can also invite Friends right after you finish the tutorial!



*If your First Friend Count is full, you will not be able to automatically become Friends. You will also not be able to become First Friends.


2) If the Friend you invited is an Android user, they can also add you automatically as a First Friend by tapping "Confirm Referral" on "Help/Other".



*If your First Friend Count is full, you will not be able to automatically become Friends. You will also not be able to become First Friends.


First Friend Requirements

To become First Friends, a newly minted Monster Strike player will have to add the inviter as their very first friend within three days of starting the game.


The maximum number of First Friends can be raised according to how many total login days your First Friends have. 50 Login days = 20 possible First Friend Bonuses, 250 Login days = 50 possible First Friend Bonuses.


First Friends Highlighted in Gold





Check the total number of login days of your First Friends through "Basic Stats".



*Deleting a First Friend from your Friend List will remove that Friend's login count. Adding them to your Friend List again will readd their total login days!

*Deleting a First Friend will not subtract from the total number of First Friend Bonuses you've completed.


Turn Duration During Co-op Increased

The turn duration of each player during Co-op has been increased from 20 seconds to 30 seconds.


Toggle Rank Timer



Strike Shot! Listen to Voices from Monster Details

Strike Shot voices can now be played back from the Monster Details screen.

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