Striker Tribune, Part 2: Winterstruck Summer (6/21 - 6/30)



ba_strikertribue_02.pngHey, Strikers!

Summer... Summer never lasts. But it should last for at least a couple months, depending on where you live. Or, like in the world of Monster Strike, it could be a fickle season, easily manipulated on the whims of the Snow Queen.

Oruga Strikes Down the Summer
Viridion thought it would be funny to play a prank on Oruga. Unfortunately, the prank went too far, enraging the Snow Queen and causing a full-on winter blast. Return Oruga's dreams of a happy holiday — bringing back the rightful season of summer.

1)    Get 4★ Monsters and the 6★ Monster Santa Claus from the Dream Hatcher
During the Winterstruck Summer campaign, you’ll be able to return Oruga’s dreams (Dream Sharls) through the Dream Hatcher.

Dream Sharl

You can get Dream Sharls by clearing the “Viridion Is Coming to Town” and the “Snow Queen's Wonderland” quests, or through completing a special Mission Log entry. 1 Dream Sharl equals 1 Hatch!

The 6★ Santa Claus is a rare drop available in the Dream Hatcher.

6★ Santa Claus

There is also an assortment of 4★ monsters (some are ascension materials), plus the usual mix of Morlings and Expies.

-    Santa Claus’ luck can be raised to 99. Fusing Santa Claus into any form of Zeus will not raise Zeus’ luck.

Period (ET)
6/21 5AM – 7/1 4:59

2)    Calm the Rage of the Patron of Winter in the “Snow Queen’s Wonderland”

5★ Oruga

Soothe Oruga’s anger before the world of Monster Strike is stuck in a state of perpetual winter. There are two difficulties — Savage and Extreme. This quest can drop Dream Sharls from Clear Bonuses, Speed Bonuses, and Luck Bonuses. Use Dream Sharls to pull the Dream Hatcher!

-    After evolving or ascending, Oruga’s luck can be raised to 99. Fusing Origa into Oruga will not increase Oruga’s luck.

Period (ET)
Oruga will appear for a couple hours daily from 6/21 to 6/30.

Ascend Oruga into Holiday Princess Oruga!

6★ Holiday Princess Oruga

MS Studio challenges Oruga! Watch the video below for a quick sneak peek, and remember to put in the Promotion Code at the end for an Orb!





3)    Solve the Green Prankster’s Tricks in “Viridion Is Coming to Town”
ba_stage12130.pngViridion's been having a bit too much fun at Oruga’s expense. Teach the prankster a lesson on either Normal, Hard, or Savage difficulties. There's also a chance that a voucher to challenge the Winterstruck Labyrinth quest will drop!


5★ Christmas Viridion (Cannot be Evolved/Ascended)

Dream Sharls and Winterstruck Labyrinth Vouchers can drop from Clear Bonuses, Speed Bonuses, and Luck Bonuses.

-    Christmas Viridion’s luck can be raised to 90 (75 + 15). Fusing Green Smydra or any of its evolutions into Christmas Viridion will not raise Christmas Viridion’s luck.
-    Christmas Viridion comes at 5★ and cannot be evolved.
-    Dream Sharls and Winterstruck Labyrinth Vouchers are not guaranteed to drop. Keep playing and you’re bound to get some!

Period (ET)
6/21 – 6/30

4)    Challenge the Winterstruck Labyrinth! (Co-op Only)
In with the cold, out with the blue! The winter version of the Labyrinth is here. Like the Magical Labyrinth, complete the quest on Savage without continuing to play an Extra stage. Unlike the Magical Labyrinth, the Winterstruck Labyrinth is a Co-op Only quest. Beat the Extra Stage and you're guaranteed a 5★ monster drop directly from the defeated boss! You can get Vouchers by clearing the "Viridion Is Coming to Town Quest" and through a limited-time Mission Log entry.

5)    Complete New Mission Log Entries
During the Winterstruck Summer campaign, the following Mission Log entries will be added:

* Invite Friends through the Invite Friends button and receive 10 Dream Sharls, 10 Orbs, and 1 Winterstruck Labyrinth Voucher (Co-op Only).
* Clear "Viridion Is Coming to Town" on Hard to receive 1 Christmas Viridion!
* Clear "Snow Queen's Wonderland" on Savage to receive 1 Dream Sharl and Deluxpie Claus!
* Clear "Winterstruck Labyrinth" to receive 1 Divine Sharl!

Period (ET)
6/21 5AM – 6/30

6)    Log in for Dream Sharls and Orbs
From 6/21 5AM to 6/30 4:59AM (ET), you’ll get 1 Orb and 1 Dream Sharl daily for logging in. Remember to get the goods from your Gift Box!

7)    Ascend Zeus into... ?
A new ascension for Zeus is here!

6★ Tannenbomber Zeus (Becomes Fire Element)

8)    Dance in Divine Showtimefivexdroprate.pngFrom 6/28 to 6/29 (ET), Divine Sharls are five times more likely to drop from Clear Bonuses and Luck Bonuses in Daily Catalyst quests.


Happy Hunting!

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